If there is a cube with uncompressed requests and 10 dimensions (every dimension brings with it a local bitmap index) than there are. step-by-step process to create Re-Partitioning of Info Cube in SAP-BI. (1). students. Created by KUNCHAM Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. Last updated 4/. Sap BW Info cube partitioning. 1. Info cube partitioning InfoCube Partitioning So what is partitioning and why do it? You use partitioning to.

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The partitions on the database actually remain transparent to the user. Records 2 and 3 partirioning not consistent: A t tachments 0 Page History. Where necessary, limit the maximum number of partitions, the SAP recommended optimal maximum number of partitions isso consider this when planning the range spilt. Repartitioning can be useful if you have already loaded data to your InfoCube and you have loaded more data into your InfoCube than you had planned when you partitioned it, you did not choose a long enough period of time for partitioning or some partitions contain no data or little data due to data archiving over a period of time.

All the characteristics of the cube are available for the partitioning: You can set the value range yourself. June 23, 5 minute read.

The partitions are accessed simultaneously during the query processing and then the result is consolidated to provide the final output. On the F table, every partition must be accessed for every query because there is no effective restriction on the P-dimension partitioning key on the F facttable, and due to load performance the indexes on the F table are all local indexes.


Former Member Post author. December 5, at The database table is actually divided into smaller parts when the partitioning is carried out.


But it will run into problems randomly at first, when the number of partitions increase, and permanently, after the number of partitions have exceeded some not specifiable, system and context dependent threshold.

Since there is a tendency to partition for a longer period here I think it is reasonable to years with 12 partitions each for a total of partitions on the E facttable we generally see more partitions on an E as compared to an F table.

And they also should definitely have tried to recover a cube from their last backup. Furthermore it is likely that if one “partition-disaster” infected cube will be found, there will be others as well.

SAP BI 7.0 – InfoCube Partitioning

See here which we have same cocnepts. Very useful note, thanks can i get some more documents in BI my mail id is priyas78 yahoo. Therefore we recommend that parritioning create a partition for a wap, for example, and that you repartition the InfoProvider after this time. Open link in a new tab.

If you choose a time period that ranges too far into the future, the number of partitions is too great.

This is indeed helpful for BW Developer to start thinking about partitioning that helps improve report performance. The performance gain is only gained for the partitioned InfoCube if the time dimension of the InfoCube is consistent. When you click on the create DTP, you get the following screen, this can be used to create a new template for the DTP or use and existing one. In the following example, only record 1 is consistent. But I have one quetion: The partitioning of the tables has two advantages: Former Member Post author.


November 29, at 9: The partition can be created only if a time characteristic is present as the key of the DSO.

Partitioning (SAP Library – Business Intelligence)

The partitioning in the partitjoning also is done exactly in the same way as the DSO. When the read access to the partitioning characteristic is limited, a number of partitions may be possibly excluded from the read process, so the data base will be smaller and comprehensive data will be found and read significantly faster.

Features When you activate the InfoProvider, the system creates the table on the database with one of the number of partitions corresponding to the value range. Partitioning on an Infocube’s F-facttable If there is a cube with uncompressed requests and 10 sal every dimension brings with it a local bitmap index than there are partitions for the table itself and 10 x asp partitions which makes a total of Generate Export Data Source http: After selecting the required time characteristic and clicking ok, you get the following screen asking to enter the time interval.

This separation improves system performance when you analyze data delete data from the InfoProvider. Very informative and consolidated article.