Index of /earthdawn/wastes/. Name Last modified Size Description. up Parent Directory Jul – directory _notes Jul – unknown. Earthdawn was considered one of the most innovative RPG’s of it’s time. Rereading the core rules again, after fifteen years is like taking a trip. I’m a massive fan of Earthdawn and I’ll be giving it a 5 for Substance and a 4 for Style. Furthermore, the Style rating is probably too generous.

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Helpful dwarf woman, distrusts adventurers; devotee of Garlen and flophouse proprietor. Editor Scott Haring noted referring to the FASA edition that ” Earthdawn had an original, inventive magic system no mean trick given the hundreds of fantasy RPGs that came beforeand a game world that gave you the classic “monsters and dungeons” sort of RPG experience, but made sense doing it. Charismatic, conceited, and extraordinarily lucky elf man; General of Throalic Navy. In Barsaive, magic, like many things in nature, goes through cycles.

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Players wanting to perform an action determine their level or “step” for the skill, talent, or ability to be used. Quarrelsome, dimwitted dwarf woman; wife of House Pa’Vas leader who wants her dead.

Retrieved from ” https: Dracoforms A description and listing of earfhdawn and dragon-related creatures in Earthdawn and Shadowrun, with comparative notes. Sperethiel Dictionary A compilation of all Sperethiel grammar, history, phrases, terms, and words, with notes on related tongues. Dwarf woman; archconservative, hero-worshipping creator of brilliant mosaic murals.

Hot-blooded ork man; legendary adventurer with a grudge against questors of Mad Passions. Mute troll woman; former troubadour, now serves Vestrial in hopes of recovering her voice. RedBrick began publishing Earthdawn novels in The 3rd edition changes this by removing d4s and d20s from the system.


Comments, theories, and explanations ineex the “Magic and Death” conversation in Cybertechnology.

The player characters explore this new world, discovering lost secrets of the past, and fighting Horrors that remain. T’skrang man; nethermancer who recently found Bozwicus’s Cow in the Serpent River. Wise, reform-minded king of Throal; currently concealing a debilitating illness from his subjects.

Earthdawn – Wikipedia

Mad, doggerel-writing ork man of Bartertown; unwitting servant of Vestrial. Barsaive is a region of city-states, independent from the Therans since the dwarven Kingdom of Throal led a rebellion against their former earthhdawn. This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat Kind-hearted, spectacularly ugly troll man; senior diplomat and expert on Theran affairs.

Dwarf, reluctant crown prince of Throal; would rather be a warrior than a statesman. In order to get a larger audience for this edition, RedBrick published the book through Mongoose Publishing’s Flaming Cobra imprint.

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Irresponsible, charismatic dwarf man; navy commander and best friend to Prince Neden. Most of these nations agreed at first though some became unwilling to fulfill their end of the bargain after the end of the Scourge, wanting to have nothing to do with the bureaucratic nation run on political conflict and powered by slavery. Thin, wizened old dwarf man; drunkard, runs a flophouse in the dahnat. An article on the origin, description, use, and history of orichalcum in Earthdawn and Shadowrun, with an index of mining locations.

Note should be made that game world links between Earthdawn and Shadowrun were deliberately broken by the publisher when the Shadowrun property was licensed out, in order to avoid the necessity for coordination between publishing companies. Indeed, the map of Barsaive and its neighboring regions established that most of the game takes place where Ukraine and Russia are in our world.


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Stern dwarf man; former corrupt Royal Guard, now the toughest of Throal’s magistrates. Likewise, Barsaive gets a complete treatment, and the chapters contain a lot of log entries and stories in addition to the setting descriptions; the same applies to Horrors and Dragons.

Wily, murderous dwarf man; head of Mogs, anti-reformist faction in Guild of Guildmasters. Earthdawn’ s magic system is highly varied but the essential idea is that all player characters called Adepts have access to magic, used to perform abilities attained through their Disciplines.

Half-mad troll man; proprietor of My Dead Father, Bartertown’s filthiest tavern. Comments, theories, and explanations behind the “Things to Come” conversation in Virtual Realities 2. After four hundred years earthdaqn hiding, the Scourge ended, and the people emerged to a world changed by the Horrors. The Annotated Aztlan Annotations Comments, theories, earthrawn explanations behind the annotations in the Aztlan sourcebook. At first, most magical items work exactly like a mundane item of the same type.

The peoples of the world built kaers, underground ihdex and cities, which they sealed with the Theran wards to wait out the time of the Horrors, which was called the Scourge. For example, two six-sided dice will on average yield a result of 7, [5] thus the step number 8 means that 2d6 will earthawn rolled.