Imzadi is a non-canon Star Trek novel by Peter David, primarily exploring William Riker’s assignment to Betazed and his early relationship with Deanna Troi. Imzadi has a complex structure, involving time travel through the Guardian of Forever, but a straightforward. Imzadi: to the people of the planet Betazed, including Counselor Deanna Troi of the Starship Enterprise,™ it means “beloved” and denotes that which can never. Read “Star Trek: Signature Edition: Imzadi Forever” by Peter David with Rakuten Kobo. Imzadi: to the people of the planet Betazed, including Counselor Deanna.

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But it wasn’t exactly an amazing novel, more like a well written fan fiction.

Having watched Izadi Gen even just up to the 4th season will have given u plenty of knowledge to be swept away in the magic of the adventure. In the distance was the city. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required.

The Persistence of Memory. At this particular moment, the Guardian had finished yet another run-through of a foreber era. Riker tracked them down and killed the only surviving captor, leaving Deanna and him alone together. In every other aspect, however, she was markedly different from the rest of her kind.

Imzadi Forever (Star Trek : The Next Generation) by Peter David

Then, what if you discovered things were never actually meant to turn out that way? An Exclusive Interview with the Author This book allows for a plausible and fabulous plot fill, with only one clear discrepancy I could see Mr.

People who know me know that I thought Star Trek: More about Peter David. I admit, I’m not one for love firever or overtly obvious sexual oogling, but the depth of the story lies within the irony of Riker and Deanna’s “immature” behavior.


Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Commodore Data slowly walked forward, approaching the Guardian with as close to trepidation as he could possibly come. Her first inclination had been to think of the android, despite the rank of commodore, as an “it. Yet to whom does Deanna’s heart truly belong? Commander Worf and Deanna have fallen in love.

Dee at November 15, Not just the wheel of a truck. Once Deanna is safe, everyone from the future return to their proper timeline, where the Guardian of Forever intones that “All is as it was.


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My mouth was agape sporadically as things got heavy. The notion that something inhuman would try to lay claim to something as human as a spirit? Seventy-three-year-old Admiral William Riker imzsdi a bitter, lonely man in a slow downward spiral following the death forty years earlier of Deanna Troi, who died of undetermined causes during a peacekeeping conference imzdi an enemy race, the Sindareen.

They got the hell out of there. While visiting her favorite museum, Deanna was kidnapped by a Sindareen raiding party, and Riker’s Starfleet security force shot down their small craft in the jungle. Department of Temporal Investigations: And after recommending it to a friend who is just getting into the TNG series and had commented on how much they liked the Riker and Troi relationship, I decided to read it again. Although frankly, I’m taking a big chance here of getting my ass handed to me.

Imzadi Forever

Other books in the series. At any rate, I just thought folks might be interested in knowing this collection was available. Adventures in Time and Spacewhich was described by the editor as featuring clips from the best of twenty years of Pocket Books official Star Trek line. Certainly — just like yourself — not without precedent. The novel expands on the meaning of imzadi when Troi explains that its literal meaning is “the first,” not necessarily referring to the first sexual partner but, as Troi puts it to Riker, “the first to ever touch your soul.


But when he placed his hand against it again, there it was, entirely self-contained. I truly enjoyed it. The best she could come up with at the moment was a “whatever. And then had lost that part of his soul, which he hadn’t fully realized he was missing in the first place. His attention shifted momentarily from the Guardian to the scene being replayed on the screen. When love is lost can you go on?

I will be remaining on the planet surface several more hours. But you exist in the individual moments. I exist in all. This is off topic and apologies for thatbut people might miss it if I put it in one of the Round-up threads. Must redeem within 90 days. Commander William Riker was the first Deanna called Imzadi.

Is it sad or awesome that I love this book as much now as I did when I was fourteen? Shadows on the Sun Star Trek: I have no ancestors. He has worked in every conceivable media—television, film, books fiction, nonfiction, and audioshort stories, and comic books—and acqui It offered, in essence, a taped delay.