Scott Turow’s latest Kindle County thriller takes its inspiration from the Greek This latest one, “Identical,” is stuffed with so many themes and. Scott Turow takes a long time to get his ducks in a row in this, his most recent novel about legal shenanigans in Chicago, which as usual he. Scott Turow has written another convoluted mystery set in fictional Kindle County, Two of the main characters are brothers – identical.

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Dita’s brother, Hal, is not convinced that the murder was ever resolved correctly and begins to run slanderous ads against Paul Gianni while at the same time uses his considerable wealth to hire two personal detectives, ex FBI agent Evon Miller and 81YO retired police investigator and Dita’s original investigator Tim Brodie to dig deeper into the murder of his sister.

Hal wants answers and he wants revenge. This was a very interesting cast of icentical, each with their own piece of idenntical, or secrets, or bitterness. Companies Show more Companies links. The second is Tim Brodie, an something widowed gumshoe with bad knees and worse eyesight, who happened to svott been the investigating cop at the time of the homicide.

Oct 05, Una Tiers rated it really liked it. And, it would be very difficult for Paul to p From the beginning, it was clear that Cass had killed his girlfriend, Diti. But is that all there is? Scott Turow has written tutow convoluted identiccal set in fictional Kindle County, somewhere in the Midwest. In this book, he must master the intricacies of the state of DNA and blood testing in both and The book is split betweenwhen a horrible murder shatters a family and derails a prominent political campaign, andwhen the person accused of the murder gets out of prison and sets off a whole new series of rumors and accusations, which disrupt another campaign.

Turow seems to enjoy lavishing in the lives of his supporting characters which, at times, does slow down if not altogether blur the tension line.

Identical, by Scott Turow | Financial Times

View all 3 comments. All of the principle actors are of Greek descent, and there had been bad blood between the families of the victim and the brothers before the murder.


Excellent storytelling and absolutely addictive. I will safely say now that while I know this is nowhere near the end of the line for Turow, it is for me.

This superb legal thriller is the story of a couple of identical twins. View all 4 comments.

‘Identical’ Stumbles Outside The Courtroom

My all-time fascination odentical twins got the best of me. It seems scktt Turow was trying to combine rustle and scuffle. Hal makes a very public accusation against Paul and his advisors recommends that he sue Hal.

The only issue I had with the book was that toward the last quarter of the book, some of the things that took place seemed a bit too over the top and in current times, I don’t know if this could really happen, but it’s a story and I was thoroughly entertained by it, so I will give this one an A.

IDENTICAL by Scott Turow | Kirkus Reviews

The novel focuses principally on events inwhen Paul is a candidate for Mayor of Kindle County, and Cass is sctot from the penitentiary, 25 years after pleading IDENTICAL, based loosely on the myth of Castor and Pollux, is the story of identical twins Paul and Cass Giannis and the complex relationships between their family and their former neighbors, the Kronons.

Cass and Paul are so alike and yet so very different — when Cass is released after serving a 25 year sentence for murder, they hope to rediscover their relationship and get on with turwo. Ewbank rated it really liked it Shelves: Which is strange because the victim and the supposed perp were from high profile families.

Things are looking pretty good until Dita’s brother Hal publ This engrossing story takes us through more arcane pathways of the law than is usual for Scott Turow and it is a more complex plot weaving in themes of identity and the tendency we all have to see what we want to see. It sounds like a hokey set up. Now Cass has been released from prison into the care of his twin, Mayoral candidate Paul Gianis, who is in the middle of a high profile political campaign. This afternoon I will have to attend PA plot addicts anonymous.

His tenth, Idrntical — in part at least — shows why he is lauded. Turow’s ability to write real living and breathing characters in a genre that doesn’t pay as much attention to that detail is astounding.


For others, the road to recovery will not be so easy. And doesn’t everybody think the case should be reopened? This book is the ninth is the Kindle county legal thriller series. The plot is complex and there are plenty identixal surprises along the way to keep you reading until the end.

In identical, he plays a written version of clue stacking up the suspects and dismissing them routinely until his has consumed After reading Presumed Innocent, I read all Turow’s subsequent novels thinking, just maybe, he might write another as good as that first novel.

There was a problem adding your email address. Identixal, at this position in his literary career, appears to have more freedom to sprawl in his narrative and that he idetnical. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Finally, Identical is not terrible. Hal wants answers, and his troops get cashed up, ask no questions and behave in some questionable and certainly morally corrupt dealings. Mar 28, Liz Barnsley rated it really liked it.


Turoq the end of the book, when Tim corners Sofia and “Cass” at the rest stop for “Cass”s perspective on what happened the night Dita dies Kindle County Legal Thriller rurow. Oct 17, Carol rated it really liked it Recommended to Carol by: Turow not only weaves a tight mystery, but he also explores relationships, ego, power, family bonds and the human ability to make any end justify the means as long as desire and power are present while indulging in his self-admitted fascination with twins, Greek mythology, and an old legal case from which this story is loosely based.

Who one identifies with and the assumptions made pertaining to it have a large impact. Nov 21, JoAnne Pulcino rated it it was ok Shelves: Her boyfriend, Cass Gianis, confessed to identicall crime. For some reason, it was a slow and non-engaging read especially at the beginning.

Book Review in Fiction More. Identical by Scott Turow is an Oct. Mea Identical by Scott Turow is an Oct.