Sep 21, #Working and pin configuration of the #NAND #IC CD A door opening indicator circuit using IC gate IC and working of NAND gates. CD TRUTH TABLE. The CD is the most used CMOS chip. The CD IC has 4 gates and these can be wired to create a BUFFER, Inverter (NOT) . ooÕoo This article starts with a detailed look at the operation of the Cmos It then considers the practical use of the IC in the small alarm circuit on the .

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The following two tabs change content below. If the door was open or it is not properly shut, logic 0 is applied to the gate input.

Frank Donald June 14, 1 Comment.

Practical Electronics/IC/4011

When a pushbutton is pressed down, the pushbutton now makes contact across to ground. The combined action of the these four gates form the working of this IC CD And these situations comprise all the situations that can arise for a 2-input NAND gate.

The output pins of the IC are 3,4,10,11 and input pins are 1,2,5,6,9,8,12, Thus, we can test out all logic levels. Closing a door will input level 0 and output level 1 causing bulb to light. Quote and Order boards in minutes on: When either one or both of the pushbuttons are pressed, the NAND gate will output a logic HIGH or 1and the load connected to output will be powered on.

One place it can be obtained from is Tayda Electronics at the following link: Below is the breadboard schematic version of the above circuit so that you can see the exact wiring of the circuit to the chip. Frank Donald is an Electronics and Communication Engineer who loves building stuff in his free time.


Notify of all new follow-up comments Notify of new replies to all my comments. This establishes power to the chip. For this circuit, we will connect pushbuttons cd401 the 2 inputs of the NAND gate. N4 was wired independently and there is cd40111 dependency on other gates.

As a result the the bulb will not glow due to low output obtained from the output pins of the gates.

We can see the state of the output pins with the assigned inputs in the truth table given above. I corresponding input pin will now be grounded and its logic level will change to a logic LOW now that it makes contact down to ground.

The resistors also keep Vcc from directly shorting to ground when the pushbutton is pushed down.

Here in this circuit the input pins of the are connected to the supply voltage directly as shown in the diagram.

The quad NAND gate chip can be obtained very cheaply from a number of online retailers for just a few cents. When the doors are open the gate inputs will be 1 and the output of the lc 0 which will turn the bulb off. First and foremost, we must give power to the NAND gate chip. This circuit was wired as a door open indicator which indicates the opening of door using the bulb which was connected to the output pins of the gates.

How to Build a NAND Gate Logic Circuit Using a 4011 Chip

Each NAND gate has two inputs and one output. This IC was used since it withdraws only small power and also reduces the complexity of the circuit. Each output can deliver output current cs4011 about 10mA at 12V but this range can reduce as the power supply voltage reduces.


Each NAND gate has input pins and 1 output pin. There we can see that the NAND gate gives a high output to all the input states except the cd40011 states 1,1. The pinout cc4011 the is shown below, so that you can see how to connect it in the circuit. So the LED will turn on in this case. Now let us see how this Integrated circuit works and how can we use it for our operations.

A Beginner’s Guide To The Cmos

These resistors function as pull-up resistors. Latest posts by Frank Donald see all.

This makes the bulb to glow indicating that the door is not properly shut. Thus, the pushbuttons, when left alone, unpressed, will normally have a logic value of 1. In our circuit, we will use both of these cases. When the door was closed push button switch, it apply logic 1 to the gate input. When we press down on a pushbutton, it changes to a logic level of LOW.

Let me tell you why, usage of large range of the NAND gates occupies more space and also it withdraws more power arising problems in power management to a circuit.

However, it is a very popular chip and many electronics parts suppliers have them.