Hirnforschung und Meditation: Ein Dialog: Wolf Singer, Matthieu Ricard, Susanne Warmuth: : Books. Hirnforschung und Meditation: ein Dialog. Front Cover. Wolf Singer, Matthieu Ricard Bibliographic information. QR code for Hirnforschung und Meditation. Hirnforschung und Meditation: ein Dialog. Alles was du für deinen Meditationsplatz brauchst + gratis Meditation auf Deutsch zum Herunterladen.

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Sven rated it really liked it Nov 13, Marvin rated it really liked it Mar 13, Thus hirnforschunv theories that are intuitively included by Buddhists are very similar to what our science has revealed. One of my daughters is involved in brain research and the other is a music scientist.

Then for ten days long I sat for eight hours before a white wall, and a teacher, who joined me for a few minutes each day, explained primarily what I should not do. Pilki rated it really liked it Dec 28, From this background, Matthieu Ricard and I first met up at a conference in Paris held in honor of the brain researcher Francisco Varela from Chile.

The discussion of neurobiology is insightful, but at times there is no real dialogue taking place: This is why the body-spirit problem, which poses the philosophical question as to how the mental state spirit relates to the physical state the bodyis not nearly as defined as is the case with us.

Bella rated it it was amazing Apr 09, Simon Mg rated it it was amazing Nov 29, Chris rated it it was amazing May 23, The dialogue is structered in that way, that either the neuroscientist Singer or the long-term monk and meditator Ricard share their experiences with meditation and the other person adds their experiences. During a holiday in Burma he met a Rinpoche, a Tibetan lama and became inspired by Buddhism.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. We are currently working on hours of recorded discussions, which we want to turn into a large book.

Also advanced meditators develop a higher senisibility for their internal states, which enables them to hirnfforschung bad thoughts before they become those overwhelming bursts of unwanted emotions.

Does meditation alter the brain? Nov 06, Kristina rated it really liked it Shelves: Sin rated it it was amazing Feb 21, Philipp rated it really liked it Sep 28, Actually, this is true for all who practice hard and applies to a skier, pianist or violinist.

My daughter also got to know Matthieu Ricard who was living in Nepal in a monastery. Max rated it it was amazing Nov 29, Are YOU willing to spend 30 Minutes a day to gain such sound skills and improvements in quality of life? Completely independently from myself, US scientists started to record brain electrical activity based on EEG during meditation with proficient meditators such as Buddhist monks.

One of the monks was Matthieu Ricard. Sven rated it liked it Mar 21, The authors see the free will as a potential skill.

Meditation meets brain research

The longer one meditates, the more he masters his ability to perceive ones interior and exterior environment unbiased medifation with greater sharpness. Many people don’t, for they never experienced their ability to actually create their feelings. With only spiritual experience one cannot really communicate like a scientist. What themes occupy you and Matthieu Ricard?

Over dialoog he converted to becoming a monk. Thus unx seems that practicing intensive meditation induces structural changes in the brain. Free will means to chose our action and that what we are.


Paperbackedition unseldpages. Because in it’s brief manner, this book tells almost everything that is needed to be known about meditation and its value to everyones life. Their are other discussed skills and topics like focus, memory, compassion to feel what the other person is feelingdrugs and their effect on the brains, meditation for children?

Hirnforschung und Meditation: ein Dialog – Wolf Singer, Matthieu Ricard – Google Books

Plop Blub rated it it was amazing Oct 11, In these experiments pictures are shown so rapidly after another that not all the pictures can be registered. In the meantime I was also seeking some time out, in completely stress-free surroundings. Xdm rated it really liked it Nov 24, For Buddhist Ricard, ontological dualism is not so clearly formulated as what still prevails in the east.

Besides brain research and meditation there are several other interesting aspects of Buddhism for brain researchers. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Young people miss fewer pictures, older people generally miss more, i.

To live free diqlog any anxieties, hate or boredom?

Hirnforschung Und Meditation: Ein Dialog

Medittion we already have the manuscript for our next book in English. Kurt rated it did not like it Oct 06, The cerebral cortex increases in volume in certain areas. A multitude of fragmented aspects of the sensory world are simultaneously analyzed in various regions of the cerebral cortex; individual sub-results are sent on to executive structures without ever resulting in bringing together the fragmented results in a singular center.