photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Postulada por James Lovelock y apoyada por Lynn Margulis HIPÓTESIS GAIA. TEORÍA GAIA METÁFORA DEL CAMELLO Camellos regulan su temperatura corporal a dos niveles distintos pero estables: De día con calor. Se denomina a esta hipótesis “Gaia” porque es 4. LA IDEA DE LOVELOCK.

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Before the nineteenth century even scientists were comfortable with the notion of a living Earth. Carbon dioxide removal Carbon sink Climate action Climate Action Plan Climate change mitigation scenarios Climate engineering Individual and political action on climate change Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation Reforestation Urban reforestation.

Most accusations of teleologism ceased, following this conference. The CLAW hypothesisinspired by the Gaia hypothesis, proposes a feedback hippotesis that operates between ocean ecosystems and the Earth ‘s climate. Recently it was suggested loveock that salinity may also be strongly influenced by seawater circulation through hot basaltic rocks, and emerging as hot water vents on mid-ocean ridges.

Wholeness and Disintegration in Ecology and Science. While rejecting Gaia, we can at the same time appreciate Lovelock’s originality and breadth of vision, and recognise that his audacious concept has helped to stimulate many new ideas about the Earth, and to champion a holistic approach to studying it”.

Gaia hypothesis – Wikipedia

There was so much information to be gathered and sorted. James Lovelock called his first proposal the Gaia hypothesis but has also used the term Gaia theory.

During the s, jams first humans in space could see how the Earth looked as a whole. In a recent book-length evaluation of the Gaia hypothesis considering modern evidence from across the various relevant disciplines the author, Toby Tyrrell, concluded that: Through their capacity to evapotranspire vast volumes of water vapor, they serve to keep the planet cool by wearing a sunshade of white reflecting uipotesis.


The Gaia hypothesis has since been supported by a number of scientific experiments [44] and provided a number of useful predictions.

The Fabric of Geology. According to the data gathered by the Pic du Midi observatoryplanets like Mars or Venus had atmospheres in chemical equilibrium.

Gaia hypothesis

The known sources of sodium i. Calcium carbonate is used by living organisms to manufacture carbonaceous tests and shells.

Lovelock and other Gaia-supporting scientists, however, did attempt to disprove the claim that the hypothesis is not scientific because it is impossible to test it by controlled experiment. Retrieved August 27, Hipotfsis to the historian D. The information it carries is prima facie evidence for the presence of life.

A geophysiological system always begins with the action of an individual organism. The Ages of Gaia: Advances in the Astronautical Sciences.

A New Look At Lovelocm. Margulis dedicated the last of eight chapters in her book, The Symbiotic Planetto Gaia. You well may ask, So what can I do? Attribution of recent climate change Aviation Biofuel Black carbon Carbon dioxide Deforestation Earth’s energy budget Earth’s radiation balance Ecocide Fossil fuel Global dimming Global warming potential Greenhouse effect Infrared window Greenhouse gases Halocarbons Land use, land-use change, and forestry Radiative forcing Tropospheric ozone Urban heat island.

I see the world as a living organism of which we are a part; not the owner, nor the tenant, not even a passenger. Biological modulation of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Lovelock has also hypothesised that methanogens produced elevated levels of methane in the early atmosphere, giving a view similar to that found in petrochemical smog, similar in some respects to the atmosphere on Titan. Biologists and Earth scientists usually view the factors that stabilize the characteristics of a lovelodk as an undirected emergent property or entelechy of the system; as each individual species pursues its own self-interest, for example, their combined actions may have counterbalancing effects on environmental change.


Gaia theory has already proved so fruitful in this lovelocm that by now it would hardly matter if it were wrong. In brief, scientists said, the idea was teleological and untestable. This wholesome view of our planet did not persist into the next century.

Hipotesis GAIA by Laura Flechas Mejia on Prezi

Lars Sillen died before there was an opportunity. It is like the mixture of gases that enters the intake manifold of an internal combustion engine, i. Retrieved 20 October Lynn Margulis, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and long-time advocate of the Gaia hypothesis, was a keynote speaker.

One thing you could do, and it is no more than an example, is to eat less beef. These new ecological models demonstrate that as diversity increases so does stability and resilience. Currently the increase in human population and the environmental impact of their activities, such as the multiplication of greenhouse gases may cause negative feedbacks in the environment to become positive feedback. Link Published 23 Aprilaccessed 22 August Dry air in the atmosphere of Earth contains roughly by volume