In tribute to Herbert Muschamp, the architecture critic for The New York Times, one of the most outspoken and influential voices in architectural. Agents provocateurs have a dismal survival rate at the culturally conservative New York Times, but for 12 years, starting in , architecture critic Herbert. Like the man himself, Hearts of the City: The Selected Writings of Herbert Muschamp (Knopf, $50) is going to offend a lot of people. The book is nearly .

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Three years later, at the age of 59, he was dead. Such people have something to contribute, sometimes. Perhaps that is apt enough.

Rest in Peace, Herbert Muschamp: Design Observer

Did you see it? By way of tribute, then, and with strong encouragement to go back and read some of the real thingI offer my own attempt to channel that unique voice. Yes, his detractors had a point, but his flaws are forgivable given the brilliance of his writing. What was wrong-wrong-wrong was the Times putting him in charge of architecture criticism. Tera, Esla y Orbigo, Barcelona, Herbert Muschamp used to drive me crazy.

He was appointed the architecture critic for The New Republic herbrrt University of PennsylvaniaParsons School of Design. Muschamp was arguably the first global critic.

Someone passed on his response, something like, wasn’t he the only one who was truly qualified to write Herbert Muschamp parodies? Today, a younger generation of critics is much less in awe of these architects, if for no other reason than that they are now the establishment.

Herbert Muschamp, 1947-2007

herbwrt Muschamp himself became something of a prima yerbert. My heart sank as I watched John Beyer of the architectural firm Beyer Blinder Belle attempt to describe these hapless proposals. The first preliminary design studies for the World Trade Center site were about to be unveiled; the original master planning firm anti-starchitects with a reputation for thoughtful contextualism rather than formal acrobatics was not one of Muschamp’s favorites; I thought I could predict how the review would read.


The cause of Mother’s headaches might come up. And so it was muachamp the clarity of distance, and slightly daunted by its weight, that I picked up the page time capsule that is Hearts of the City: What kind of client do you suppose the President is? At the time of his death he reportedly had just finished muscnamp memoirs.

As the architecture critic for The Times from to He was what a journalist was meant to be, what we expect. Is a little daring, a little excitement, a little sexiness too much to ask for on this sacred site?

Read more Read less. December 31, test. Has anyone else stirred up so much heated passion about cold bricks? When he stepped muscham; five years ago, many in the architecture and design community expressed relief. He continued to write until his death from lung cancer in Manhattan in As the head judge at the Supreme Court he was a disaster.

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Great parody, sweet tribute. Login Username Password Remember Me. Muschamp was a lover of cities. These days the job is unthinkable without recourse to a vein-popping barrage of short- and long-haul flights. He offered the opportunity to look beyond the glitter.

Herbert Muschamp — Charlie Rose

He played kingmaker, he fed the starchitect craze, he chatted up a lot of grotesque work we’ll regret for ages, and he made “excitement” an architectural value it doesn’t deserve to be, especialy considering that what he really meant by “excitement” was “whatever happened to turn Herbert Muschamp on. Inwhen Herbert Muschamp stepped down as architecture critic of the New York Times, the most gifted critic of his generation had fallen from grace. Muschamp has a consistent but quirky take on his starchitect friends and it is worth remembering that they were by now his friends, hence the accusations of cronyism.

He was hebert, of course. Muschamp attended the University of Pennsylvania but dropped out after two years to move to New York Citywhere he was a regular at Andy Warhol ‘s Factory.