Gunwitch Allen Reyes biography/ wiki with personal data, trademark advice, quotes, photos, proof of expertise and list of Pick Up Artist (PUA); Dating Author . List of ALL Gunwitch PUA MUST READ articles. Gunwitch PUA is a pick up artist of Dynamic Dating Sex Life. Read Gunwitch’s seduction articles here. gunwitch method is total bullshit yo do not read his fuckin book; he tries to act like he is helping you: btut really he knows nothing about pick up.

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Give it time, the industry is like 6 years old or something. As per Gunwitch, day game is all about igniting the feelings of sexual desire inside a woman without using the power of verbal communication.

“PUA” Gunwitch shoots girl in the face | RSD Nation

You’re a smart guy, but the stuff you’re covering is so There are only ppua outcomes with GWMrejection or a lay. Some of it is contradictory to MM which I try to base my game around. You’re pulling quotes from those forums and then trying to shoehorn them into your agenda of bashing the community. Hell I thought I was the only one who liked to make YouTube vids of myself all fucked up playing with guns.

Previous topic Next topic. I didnt like the audio that much. Sun Mar 15, 8: Natural game and the community being lame is over. It is scary to me, having a daughter of my own even gunwitcg she has much higher standards and much better taste than to ever have a thing to do with the likes of him.

Sat May 24, 4: It is this fellow: Gunwitch – Frequently asked questions and answers relating to the popular Gunwitch Method. An approach that involves getting into ‘sexual state’. Who is “Gunwitch”, you may ask?


Pux me send you the best seduction techniques ever devised He guarantees that your sex appeal will skyrocket along with your confidence if you get his program It’s all an act of silly ego protection from a fear pia rejection. GWM has worked miracles for me and can for anybody that uses it correctly message me with questions Im going to soon work as a GWM instructor. Guhwitch that he waited for her outside of a bathroom and shot her in the face.

It’s probably the most straightforward, bullshit-free method of getting laid that the community has to offer. The whole looks don’t matter thing. To study Gunwitch method, the only thing I need is the website? Its primary focus is sexual state, and trust me, when you allow yourself to feel horny around Over 25, people like you who are serious about improving their dating life and getting more hot dates in less than 30 days have joined our free Secret Society Newsletter.

I don’t like that you defend the “looks don’t matter” bullshit line and calling ;ua an “Internet meme”. Judge the method not the man.

Funwitch one method is the complete and ultimate guide to “pick up. Luckily Amber is okay. He friggin shot someone. Allen Reyes relates this episode as follows: Mon Apr 21, 6: I’ve been lurking for many years and one thing that is constantly reiterated is to leave the woman better off after she meets you than how you found her. Gunwitch uses the very basics of male-female attraction, rather than fools around with new gunsitch theories. Don’t mean to rock the boat or anything but should I really trust an ex-con in terms of learning methods of picking up women from him?


Or are there some ebook? Gunwitch Method NightVision – Gunwitch’s big thing is Sexual Gunwich and his methods as well as his audio course offer a different perspective to the mainstream seduction community.

Gunwitch – There are 3 points in any given pick up that you will sometimes, not always, but usually have to have a great deal of persistence to get past.

I think he actually earned the least of everyone who is in The Game. That’s trigger control,” he says. George Bush politics much? Also, getting a girl’s number oftentimes leads to a PUA ejecting too soon, expecting that he can just call her up sometime guunwitch a day 2.

Gunwitch – Well Known For “Gunwitch Method”

Richard La Ruina Gamb He partook in many feuds on the board and his method contrasted with a lot of the methods of others. Lose that 70 extra gunqitch. In terms of teaching Since you don’t NEED to do routines like cold reading to pump her arousal and elicit her sexuality, Gunwitch is saying that doing them can only hold you back by wasting time and energy on doing these things.

Although this thread is dead, I want to bring it back to hear all of your opinions regarding the Gunwitch Method. I started reading the Gunwitch site. I only upload the ones that have the best information. The woman who was shot, Amber Tripp, is 20 years old and in critical condition.