Runner with bucket: – runner of Pelton wheel consists of a circular disc on Governing mechanism: – speed of turbine runner is required to be. This speed should also conforms to the power supply frequency. So this mechanism acts as a speed governing mechanism of Pelton wheel. Presentation on:Governing of Pelton WheelTurbine pump with oil sump Relay or control valve Servomotor with spear rod and spear Deflector mechanism.

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Bell crank lever moves down and simultaneously the piston of the control valve moves down in the cylinder. Share buttons are a little bit lower. It receives the pressurized oil from pump which is diverted towards the ports connected to pipe A or pipe B.

Presentation on:Governing of Pelton WheelTurbine – ppt video online download

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. The behaviour of the units are represented by curves called turbine characteristics. Such plants are called the Run-off river plants without pondage. It receives oil glverning relay valve say through pipe A. Therefore when the regulator ring is rotated about its axis, all the guide vane would turn about their pivots. A dam is a hydraulic structure of fairly impervious material built across a river pelfon a stream to retain the water.

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These curves are used in determination of the capacity of storage reservoir. It is temporary regulating reservoir. And the efficiency of the unit is maximum when it operates under designed conditions. Usually, hydraulic turbines are coupled to electronic generators. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

  ASTM D 422-63 PDF

Governing of Pelton Turbine.doc

It is suitable for mountainous regions. What is a Dam? Francis, Propeller or Kaplan turbine are employed. It is driven by the turbine shaft through bevel gears. Fly ball of the governor moves upward, 2.

Size px x x x x It is defined as that part of the precipitation which is available as stream flow. Speed vs power curve: The speed-efficiency curves for turbines are similar to speedpower curves. Simultaneously, the oil will be returned from the servomotor from the opposite pipe to the sump.

The guide vanes or wicket gate may be adjustable to allow efficient turbine operation for a range of water flow conditions. It is directly connected to the piston of relay cylinder Governor and linkages: Capital cost required is low. The average run-off during the period.

Hydroelectric turbines rotate at relatively low speeds compared to steam turbines, with larger hydroelectric turbines rotating at rpm, and smaller ones as fast as rpm. System uses oil in servomotor or relay cylinder since the force required to actuate the spear valve would be enormous.

It store water when load is light and supplied same water during peak period. Its lower end is turned at right angle and horizontally taken out of dam.

Hydropower Engineering

No suction downside, water flows out through turbine housing after hitting. The governing achieved by changing the guide vane angles. Hydrograph provides following information: Space between guide vanes will increase in one direction of rotation of regulating ring and space will decrease in its opposite direction of rotation.


It prevents debris from water. The large turbine diameter combined with the massive inertia of the water flowing through it makes precise control of rotational speed a critical concern. The water turbines are simple in construction, highly efficient in operation, easily controllable and pick up the load in a short time. Thus, it is essential that the exact behavior of the unit under varying working conditions is predetermined.

Spear valve controls the flow area of the nozzle. Vertical bell shaped draft tube: As turbine is directly coupled to the electric generator which is required to run at constant sped. When this occurs it is possible for the turbine to disintegrate due to massive centrifugal forces.

The rapid closing of the nozzle increases the pressure of water which may result in water hammer problems. Once the normal turbine speed is restored, the main lever returns to its initial position. This sudden rise of pressure in penstock known as water hammering. The piston of the cylinder will be displaced towards left, thus forcing the oil through the pipe B into the relay valve and finally to oil sump. The discharge at any time during the period under consideration.