Various issues of Gorkhapatra in January and February, Gorkhapatra, January 4, Rising Nepal, February 18, These programs. His dream came true when liberal Prime Minister Dev Sumsher Jung Bahadur Rana began the weekly publication of Gorkhapatra in , which is the first. 7 Results Latest in Gorkhapatra: Page: 1. – 7 Results found. 1 ยท Ophthalmic Assistant. Nepal Eye Hospital. Job Location: 24 days left – Newspaper Job.

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Latest in Gorkhapatra:

Yet not all those gorkkhapatra came to power were inconsiderate, self-serving tyrants, and certainly not all of their deeds, regardless of their intentions, have been detrimental to the nation. The 8-page papers were torn at places and filled with columns of text from top to bottom and left to right with barely readable font. The late 70s were tempestuous years in the kingdom of Nepal, for the king as well as the people.

Unlike gorhapatra modern papers, the gorkapatra of the early papers were not clearly categorized and organized in a particular sequence. Gorkhzpatra 20 July Dec, Issue Evangeline Neve. It was during those darker and quieter times that the first printing press rattled at a corner of Thahiti, Kathmandu and for the first time brought voices from people living far away, much farther than just the next neighborhood or the next village.

The initiative to print the Gorkhapatra in those days was an enlightening and forward-looking attempt on the part of Gorkjapatra Prime Minister Dev Shumshere.

He took the initiative to print a newspaper at a time when even in neighbouring countries like China and India not much development had taken place in the field of the media. Those times were filled with events that culminated in a referendum on May 2, Before publishing the first issue of the Gorkhapatra from Pashupat Press, Dev Shumshere had issued a decree that forbade the publication of news eulogising the Ranas and instead encouraged the paper to publish news that were strange and odd.

His decision generated national Among many things that Junga Bahadur imported from his trip besides European architecture, fashion and furnishing was a printing press.


Gorkhapatra – Wikipedia

We generally view the years gokrhapatra Rana rule as among the dark eras in the history of Nepal, since the country, its people and its resources were all severely exploited to serve the extravagant needs of a few elite. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. The next one adds if any government official is found to be showing neglect in his duties or is absent from his office during office hours, such situation shall also be reported in the newspaper.

Indian presses exploded with criticism directed at the newspaper and the Nepali government until the president himself took notice and dismissed it as an accidental blunder. Papers were reduced to ashes and the printing equipment sustained severe damages and were in no condition to ggorkhapatra. Our major concern was to cover both campaigns equally. Once Junga Bahadur had eliminated forkhapatra major rivals in the royal court ensuring gorkhapwtra ascension to the post of the prime minister, he took a trip to Britain leaving from Calcutta in April and returning to Kathmandu in February And voila, there in the archives on the top floor of the building were shelves filled with oversize folders containing old issues of Gorkhapatra.

The story of pashmina is extraordinary, to say the least.

It was a dawn of political freedom. Obviously, it is a matter of pride for all the Nepalese that we have the Gorkhapatra, the first newspaper in South Asia.

Gorkhapatra Archives : Jobs in Nepal

The Trader and the She demon. Yet, there was a government directive to the editors to publish both dailies, Gorkhapatra and The Rising Nepal in order to deliver the significance of the announcement to the nation.

Josse remembers an incident during early years of Rising Nepal that caused an international uproar. We should also not hesitate to salute other rulers who contributed to publishing the newspaper uninterrupted for years.

Gorkbapatra Ranjan Josse joined the first editorial team of The Rising Nepal in with barely any gorkhapatrx training in journalism but with solid academic background in International Relations. The previous night, Gorkhapatra Sansthan was literally on fire. Gorkhapatradated January 9, CS1 Nepali-language sources ne Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles lacking reliable references from May All articles lacking reliable references All stub articles.


During his time, the publication used lithograph press which was tedious, time consuming and ln prone to typos. Other contents were subjected to heavy censorship. A long list containing fourteen gormhapatra on advantages of having a newspaper was published on the second page of the first issue. Go a hundred years back in time and you will get to a Nepal where people were doing perfectly fine without cell phones or the internet, or for that matter, the TV or even electricity.

The readers were going to be able to have their news on local, national and international affairs, market prices of goods, exchange gor,hapatra and much information for which they had to pay high prices before delivered right to their hands for a mere 4 rupees a year. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat International news were translated from foreign newspapers.

Harsher rules were put into effect to limit media activities. Archived from the original online on 25 June The uninterrupted manner and way with which the Gorkhapatra has come all along to this day, braving the many ups and downs on the way is a testimony of its ability to adapt to the changes and gorkhapatrx that have occurred in the political and social landscape of the country.

It should not be so surprising then, that he was the prime minister who attempted to gorkahpatra a parliamentary system in the country way before it finally came into practice more than half a century later. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His reforms were not being held in a positive light by his associates in the palace.