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Short summary Earth system models ESMs are our main tools for understanding future climate. Season-long measurement by eddy correlation, J.

The seasonal cycle of the greenness index obtained from photographs correlated well with the CO 2 exchange of the plants at our wetland and Scots pine forest sites. Short summary Forest management is widely used to mitigate climate change.

Influence of water table on carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane fluxes from Taiga Geddon microcosms, Global Biogeochem. Short summary Modelling seasonal cycle at the coniferous forests poses a challenge.

Artificial neural networks as a tool in ecological modelling, an introduction, Ecol. Short summary Digital photography has become a widely used tool for monitoring the vegetation phenology. For most processes a common configuration could be applied. Also, the peat soil sequestered C. The Arctic is important for the future carbon cycle, particularly due to the large carbon stocks in permafrost.

Biogeosciences, 12,https: Potential feedback of thawing permafrost to the global climate system through methane emission, Environ. Optimization of the backpropagation algorithm for training multilayer perceptrons, Technical report, University of Koblenz, Insitute of Physics, ENSO forcing of the CH 4 cycle is too small, episodic, and regional to force atmospheric trends, which are more likely caused by agricultural or industrial emissions. Combined heat and drought extremes had opposing effects offsetting each other for respiration, but there were also strong reductions in GPP and hence the strongest reductions in the ecosystems carbon sink capacity.

Journal metrics

One is a particular, well-establed Lyman-alpha hygrometer that has been used for decades as the standard for fast airborne humidity measurements. We aimed to assess coastal change over small timesteps, relate short-term changes to longer-term changes, and assess drones as tools for surveying Arctic coastlines.


Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. Short summary Understanding riverine carbon dynamics is critical for not only better estimates of various carbon fluxes but also evaluating their significance in the global carbon budget. Using a modified floating chamber the exchange can be measured automatically with a minimum of effort.

Dog names beginning with “G”

Short summary Replacing fertiliser nitrogen with biologically fixed nitrogen BFN through legumes has been suggested as a strategy for nitrous oxide N 2 Gotos mitigation from intensively managed grasslands. This indicates challenges in spatial extrapolation of some of those plant and soil attributes that are relevant for regional ecosystem and global climate models.

Short summary Soil methane CH 4 fluxes are highly variable across natural landscapes, yet research on the variability of fluxes in unsaturated soils has not been as prevalent as in saturated portions of the landscape. Volume 10, issue 12 Biogeosciences, 10,https: These are the first such results obtained from the region.

The interactive response of R s gogps combinations of the factors was much less than that of any single factor, and the interactions of multiple factors largely reduced between-year variation of R s more than any single factor, suggesting that the carbon cycle in temperate deserts could be profoundly influenced by positive carbon—climate feedbacks.

The Cryosphere, 12,https: Further studies into this aspect should include alternative stomatal conductance formulations. Here, dyking and freshwater rewetting had caused a distinct freshening and an gogks depletion of the sulfate reservoir which opened up favorable conditions for a prospering methanogenic community.

Measured emissions reveal seasonal patterns and management gedwon like fertilizer application, tillage, harvest and grazing. Short summary We tested the hypothesis that diffuse radiation from cloudy and overcast skies penetrates the canopy more effectively than direct radiation from clear skies.

Tubiello, Simona Castaldi, Robert B. Short summary Ice core concentration and stable isotope measurements of atmospheric CH 4 give valuable insights into the CH 4 cycle of the past.

We measured emissions of the greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide N 2 Oin response to the increased nitrogen input. We present an algorithm to separate open-water automatic chamber CH 4 fluxes into diffusion and ebullition.


Dog names beginning with “G”

The present study examined the effect of elevated p CO 2 on trace gas production and phytoplankton during an ocean acidification mesocosm experiment. Improving neural network models of physical systems through dimensional analysis, Appl. The peatlands’ influence on the CO 2 emissions from the Rajang River was smaller than expected, probably due to their proximity to the coast. Sutton, and Lucy J. Data, 10,https: Short summary To test our previous hypothesis that under drought stress, plant-induced ethylene can reduce soil methane oxidation capability, we manipulated a field trial in which maize plants were grown with and without ethylene production under drought via the addition of AVG an ethylene biosynthesis inhibitor.

Sina Berger, Leandra S. Biogeosciences, 13,https: We aimed to assess the impact of forest conversion to rubber and oil palm plantations on these N-oxide gases.

Nitrous oxide fluxes were influenced by the availability of nitrate and soil moisture content, but were not predicted by inputs of labile carbon. Short summary Processes driving production and transport of CH 4 in wetlands are complex. While primary producers in the surface ocean are important to the global carbon cycle, the carbon in the ocean and atmosphere are not in equilibrium in most places, and our results indicate that the degree of this disequilibrium, which has previously been largely ignored in similar studies, could be just as significant.

Influence of high-frequency ambient pressure pumping on carbon dioxide efflux from soil. Methane emission from Arctic tundra, Biogeochemistry, 21, —, We measured CH 4 and CO 2 fluxes from a subarctic lake and nearby fen during 2.

Short summary The exchange of greenhouse gases between the land and the atmosphere is often measured by monitoring the gas concentrations inside a chamber which is placed on the ground.