Moorcock conceived of Gloriana as his last fantasy novel, which it wasn’t, and as a crucial turning point in his career, which it was. Spenser’s. Gloriana the First is the Queen of Albion, an alternate version of England. She is the ruler of a vast empire, and lives in a vast, labyrinthine palace. She is known. Gloriana by Michael Moorcock – book cover, description, publication history.

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In the afterword, Moorcock notes that Andrea Dworkin called him out for the way this scene is depicted, so he rewrote it to clarify that it was rape and a crime and such, but like. It took me almost two thirds of the book to note moorcoc, absence of the church, right before a character made explicit reference to the universe’s disdain for religion. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The most obvious parallel is between Gloriana’s palace and the castle in Peake’s novel; both have the same huge complexity a fair glogiana of the action of both takes place in hidden passages in the gloirana and lost, forgotten rooms.

As a gift for making it through, she gave us each a moorocck she felt best represented us. I did love the fact that the most powerful character was a woman – exaggerated, but still human and I can’t actively dislike a book that concludes that a really good orgasm is good for queen and country.

All her love scenes are sexy. Ultimately, Una and Gloriana discover Flaya, Gloriana’s long-lost mother, thought to have been murdered by Hern VI during one of his episodes of insanity, but still alive in an unexplored dungeon adjunct to the castle.

Looking back on the book, I’m mostly disappointed by what could have been. Moorcock really has no insight at all into her character. Omorcock re-wrote the ending which I have also read.

Gloriana by Michael Moorcock

Bibliography of Michael Moorcock. These were sessions for planned albums based on two Moorcock novels: I feel bad for the person who unknowingly picks this up thinking that its a more realistic historical novel or bless their innocent hearts an actual biography of Queen Elizabeth I.

Gloriana is a well-written character, as are Una, Wheldrake, Quire, Montfallon, and the rest. In terms of characterisation, I remember the inhabitants of Gormenghast really well and think of them fondly still.


And this is my big problem with the book. Each man exploits Albion’s shadowy network of espionage and deceit gloruana his own ends, with Gloriana caught moorcck the middle. Close to 20 years later, I moorxock remember this book with fond memories. I have not read this book but I understand the book was intended to be viewed allegorically for Elizabethan audiences and Gloriana was intended to be read as Queen Elizabeth.

The justice of secret state violence in preserving internal and global peace is posed explicitly by characters many times over, but it exists in this garbled context that makes it feel like a distraction glorians the story rather than a supportive throughline. As Moorcock notes in glpriana Afterword, he’s basing this aspect on Gormenghast, whose giant castle is he argues a metaphor for the elements of the human psyche.

Apr 30, P. Whether this improves the book, I do not know. The subtext is not Chinese Imperial but Spenserian allegorical. Behind the veneer of a new Golden Age, she suffocates under the burden of her duty and her enormous private distress. Moorcock does manage to keep this all moving, upping the body count every so often to keep our attention and making us guess exactly how far Quire will make everyone descend into his sexual playland even if the whole thing seems to happen very quickly.

Made the mistake of persevering glofiana this. Moorcock does write an excellent Dr. There was so much exposition with so little action, and characters were piled on.

He is a well-spoken and thoughtful critic of the complete lack of romance in either of these gooriana romances, but the love in Gloriana’s court is anything but courtly. Gloriana, or the Unfulfill’d Queen Flamingo Author s: Speaking of decadence, the tale takes place in Rena 2.

The book is really nothing so much as an eroticized rewrite of Peake, but Moorcock does not have the capacious wit necessary to evoke Peake. Moorcock does a wonderful job of creating an alternate England. Alan Moore does similar things in his graphic work and there is a school here of occult trickster nationalism exploiting the global market in a world of paradox and mirrors.

It is certainly in no way genre Fantasy, and though the characters may not be easy to empathize with, you certainly won’t be stuck resenting them for flimsily facaded archetypes. Animals have feelings and emotions but until a dog can bark once for yes and twice for no this is another ‘consent’ issue. On one level it a home for the dispossessed like those who live in the wallson another it’s an area of the castle where every possible sexual activity can and is engaged in.


I slogged through the first half of this book with little interest.

I didn’t realize how much it had going against it until I tallied it all up. Gloriana is raped by Quire and at last achieves sexual satisfaction. Nov 29, Lani rated it it was ok Shelves: Much has been written of Moorcock’s characterisation, in particular the character of Quire.

The overall effect of the telling-not-showing and the distancing of all the interesting bits and the abstract focus on Gloriana’s bedroom woes paired floriana an even more abstract link to actual policy is a hazy, sleepy feel that leaves a dreamlike impression Vloriana enjoy; I think Gloriana pulls that off better than Elric did. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Jan 05, Zachary Latif rated it it was glorina. Montfallcon’s desire for ‘peace’ is based on his being one of the few survivors of Gloriana’s father’s reign – King Hern.

And although there are a few allusions to his Eternal Moprcock series, this novel stands alone, serving as an approachable introduction to his work. Moorcock acknowledges that this book is a homage to two works he greatly admires.

Queen Gloriana

Aside from any philosophical argument of consent the fact is this practice worldwide does not ‘seek’ consent. Lists with This Book. He also includes a note that you shouldn’t rape people, everybody, sorry if that was unclear. But unlike the real Elizabeth and her Scottish rival, Gloriana and Una are inseparable friends who do everything together. View all 10 comments. Gloriana is Albion and Albion is Gloriana; if one falls, so too will the other.

In particular with this one; despite it being a ‘homage’ to Mervyn Peake it comes across more as obnoxious, sexist drivel.