Germany and England [Nesta H. Webster] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Computer enhanced reprint of the edition. Germany and England is a little known pamphlet By Nesta Webster, The small book is about Germany under National Socialism, and specifically it’s. Germany and England has 2 ratings and 0 reviews. Germany and England is a little known pamphlet By Nesta Webster, The small book.

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I wish to be contacted with the results of the investigation.

Germany and England

As a French historian has well expressed it: That it was but a pretext is clearly evident, for only madmen could seriously contemplate sacrificing millions of lives and bringing unspeakable horrors on the world merely in order to keep three and a-half million Germans under subjection to the Government of Czechoslovakia; one cannot imagine so large a proportion of the human race to have become suddenly afflicted with homicidal mania.

Winston rated it it was amazing Jul 05, How far this frame of mind will last we cannot guess; the weakness of all Socialist schemes lies in the fact that they depend on the degree of enthusiasm their originators are able to keep up; all we can say now is that in both these countries the people as a whole seem happy. There must then have been a motive for their apparent madness, and that motive was in fact plainly avowed in the current phrase: All this when we were at war with an autocracy headed by an Emperor with a ruling caste of Junkers to whom Socialism in any form was abhorrent!

How different is the atmosphere in our country to that which prevailed in ! But the point never explained to the British public is that at the time Hitler expressed himself in this manner the French had just occupied the Ruhr, a procedure which those of us who stood by France agreed with her in regarding as the only means for obtaining the reparations due to her by Germany, but which evoked a storm of protest from the Labour Party, the T.

Is the boasted Christianity of England then all a sham if those who have been brought up outside it, or even to hate and despise it, are judged to be the right companions for Christian children? The analogy perfectly applies to the methods employed. The doctor then asked how he proposed we should rescue them. Unsere Wehrmacht Triumph of the Will. Moreover, what better evidence could be produced to show the control the Jews have acquired over the councils of the nations if only their sufferings are to evoke sympathy from the so-called Christian world?

In Germany on the contrary the most horrible cruelties were committed by the Communists, who in that country as in Russia were predominantly Jews, before Hitler came to power; hundreds of Nazis were assassinated, others blinded or maimed for life, and once the Jewish power was broken they hurled themselves on their former oppressors.


During two months in Japan I saw nothing but kindness, love of nature and of children. Those of us who most admire Herr Hitler for his courage and patriotism earnestly wish that he would disregard all such provocations as unworthy of his notice and refrain from retorts which only give satisfaction to his opponents.

But evidence is not enough for those who want to live in a horror novel R Italy on U. R Hungary on U. This was more particularly so in Austria where Nazi violence was greater than in Germany. Never, probably, throughout the last fifty years has there been so little animosity between the peoples of Europe.

Germain-en- Laye incomprising a population of over thirteen millions belonging to six or seven nationalities, of which some seven million were Czechs, who then formed the Government, in which the remaining minorities were very inadequately represented.

He himself, like Mussolini, had sprung from the ranks of the workers and felt keenly the misery of their lot at the hands of heartless employers; he felt too, as every thinking man must feel, the injustice between extreme poverty and vast riches acquired by the exploiters of labour. The difference between the two is no greater than the difference between Bolshevism and Fascism. Who knows whether the Czechs themselves may not come to rejoice at being purged of these elements?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We cannot help, moreover, noting, since this sngland began, the change that has come over our Press; a once decent popular paper has boomed the nudity movement; another, which a few years ago could have been safely placed in the hands of a child, publishes matter exalting immorality and sneering at virtue; cartoons by artists not of British race, vulgar and not in the least funny, designed to create bad blood between classes and nations, are published with impunity.

Excellent writing by Ms Webster, ruined only by stupid “editorial comments”. In this writing englamd alluded to the “England of May 10, June 10, June 10, And then too demonstrators, carrying in procession what Mr. Persecution is never justified, and Jew-baiting whether by speech or print is not neata cruel but stupid, for it defeats its own ends by enlisting sympathy in other countries with the Jewish cause; Herr Streicher with his Sturmer has doubtless had the effect of bringing many people abroad over to it.

The Jewish world, august 25th, stated that: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nesta Webster. The function of Government is to prevent disorders; it cannot control opinions.

websster The present movement, moreover, is not unprecedented in this country for anti-Jewish riots took place at the coronation of Richard Coeur de Lion, and Edward I found it necessary to expel all the Jews from England.

To my mind the greatest lie was that “Adolf Hitler planned to conquer the world and enslave the inhabitants of all nations”. Ernst Hanfstaengl, one of his earliest supporters and later his Foreign Press Chief, told me recently that in those days ofHitler, in recalling his experiences as a soldier during the terrible years of the War, said that nothing in his eyes seemed more insane and deplorable than the wholesale slaughter between the Germans and English.


Nesta Helen Webster – Wikipedia

How often has this prophesy recurred to me during the recent crisis! Instead of this Hitler was reviled, as Mussolini had been reviled after he had saved Italy from the grip of the Red octopus.

Ever since certain Jewish papers abroad announced whilst I was living peacefully with my family in London, that I was really in Austria – a country I have never been to in my life – forming one of a secret Council of Five for carrying out pogroms and political assassinations all over the world, I have realised that there is no limit to the Jewish faculty for invention, and ndsta that what appears in the papers with regard to Nazi Germany may be equally devoid of truth.

If our reader is in the beginning stages of awakening to the lies, it may be helpful to return to the beginning of chapter one for a re-read after finishing the book.

The Lranco-Soviet Pact, deplored by all right thinking Lrenchmen, was really the beginning of all mesta trouble in Europe from onwards, for Germany, finding herself flanked on both sides by hostile Powers, one wholly and the other in part inflamed with hatred of Hitler as the opponent of Bolshevism, now started to re-arm openly.

We understand from the Press, however, that in preference to installing these Jewish children in camps or institutions reserved for them, they are as far webstsr possible to be introduced into British schools and families and encouraged to associate with British children.

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Did we in the past ever dream of making war on any country – Russia, Rumania, Poland or Germany of the nineteenth century – when actual pogroms from time to time took place there?

Now, here is a list of the nations of the world at war with one another, showing “who declared war upon whom”. Before the War they had again and again expressed all then- passionate loyalty to Germany as the one country on which all their hopes were set. We are two great nations which both wish wehster work and live.