GeoFrame is an industry-standard software package produced by Schlumberger GeoQuest for managing and analyzing borehole and seismic data. It has been. Fill Geoframe Manual, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. GeoFrame Bedrock server User Manual – Ocean – Read more about petrel, geoframe, dialog, survey, server and selected.

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The same results would also be geofame with the uncertainty of A and D set to 10 and the uncertainty of B and C set to 0. Combination Method Index Q Generally the more re?

Sonic response parameters vary. Unlike the other program control parameters, the Combination Method is zoned instead of global and is built with the Combine editor. For example, if a model includes gwoframe oil UOILit must also contain?

DUG Insight User Manual

How do I use a velocity volume as time-depth conversion at the well? The environmental correction programs have uncertainty channels as output, but those channels may ,anual be appropriate for ELANPlus processing without rescaling. Finally, the term tool has historical roots in the program.

The program selects as its solution the volumes that minimize Equation Nature requires clays to be electrically neutral.

Online documentation | ARK CLS

Unlike any other saturation equation, linear conductivity allows any mineral to have conductivity associated with it. Parameter Tables The response equations previously described require fluid and rock or mineral parameters to function.

Finally, some special response parameters can also be bound to curves. Look at Table 10 again and consider what would happen if the sand were arkosic and you wanted to include orthoclase in the model. In the process, the program keeps track of the largest weight encountered, and when all weights have been calculated, the program normalizes the largest weight to a value of 1.


It requires a curve from an environmental correction program, to which all corrections except salinity have been applied. Changing a response parameter value might improve one model but adversely affect another, which might or might not be important. Light Hydrocarbon End Points In order to determine the correct gas parameters use the Hydrocarbon Parameters computation of the ELANPlus Calculator and enter the density and either the weight percent of hydrogen in the gas or the number of hydrogen molecules associated with each carbon atom.

Figure 2 shows the solution to the problem when there are two points—a determined system. Msnual now, simply remember that constraints gfoframe absolute limits and that they are not substitutes for equations. The more technically correct term is equations, or better, response equations. How do I provide information on my issue? If the curve exists, you simply bind it, using the Binding Editor. It is difficult to determine whether changes in velocity should be attributed to porosity or lithology.

Having it there allows appropriate parameters for the neutron to be determined with either transform. The user must specify the components for which the program is to solve, by selecting them in the Process Editor.

Assume, also, that at some depth of interest the density log read 2. The most common source of dry clay information is core results. How to download, unzip and load volumes and surveys into Insight? Each entry in the list tells the ELANPlus program which model combination method to use for a given depth range.

They would then become — What is the “archive” directory? The imposition of constraints has an interesting side effect. This results in a gas parameter value geofrae Using the new cementation value of 2. That is, they take on a single value throughout the processing interval. If the sigma correction is applied, then salinity parameters in the ELANPlus program must be set to 0 to eliminate a double correction.


AboutHydrology: Material for the Winter School on the GEOframe System – Installations

F Leaving the Parameter Value as Absent. Equations and Tools Equation and tool will be synonymous in most cases. It is special in that it is the only model that allows for the concept of conductive minerals that are nonclay minerals. The more general a model, the wider its applicability. The ELANPlus program must know the borehole temperature to compute proper salinity and parameter values.

Suppressing the hydrocarbon hides important information from a geologist. The SP also is special because the input is multiplied by porosity. If you have problems, the saved? The following parameters were used: Table 18 gives the Dry Elemental Weight Percent of various minerals commonly found in sedimentary rocks.

Figure 13 shows the result in the clay section where there was bad hole. Schlumberger makes no warranties, express, implied, or statutory, with respect to the product described herein and disclaims without limitation any warranties of ,anual or? Only two parameter changes are needed to convert one equation to the other. The minerals, which are well de?

The flushed-zone Indonesian Conductivity equation is the same for an undisturbed zone, except that the water saturation exponent parameter is expo rather than n. The ELANPlus program will warn you that the geodrame are inconsistent in this case by showing a reconstructed conductivity that does not match the measured conductivity.

Because of their well-de? In Figure 8 the solid curves represent the simplified Hunt-Raymer-Gardner transform. Salinity corrections are part of the final solution.