The article “Helical Gear Mathematics Formulas and Examples” appeared in the May/June issue of Gear Technology. Summary The following excerpt is. Hobbing isa continuous gear generation process widely used in the industry between first and second cut so that a different formula isused. Spur Gear design formula for geometry, pitch, tooth clearance and critical functional data. Circular Pitches and Equivalent Diametral Pitches Table.

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The second Driver gear is the 40T. In this case the Diff Const value comes from formula B What happens when we use a 2-start hob cutter? Abrasion Wear Wear that looks like an injury from abrasion or has the appearance of lapping.

Check for end motion of hob cutter spindle during feed travel or rapid traverse to make sure there is no end motion. Neither Community PC nor its agents accept any liability or responsibility for the applicability, use or misuse of any of the information, suggestions or procedures that appear in this FAQ.

Downloading and installing CPC software from this website is much easier now than before. At this time we don’t care what the actual helix angle is. Next, advance the hob across the full face of the workpiece, either by running the machine or manually advancing the cutter over the full length of the face.

Calculation of Gear Dimensions

TXT file, the file name will appear in the summary. Wear from the gear surface being subjected to intense repeated metal to metal contact which occurs when the oil film is thin and the lubrication is insufficient relative to the load and surface roughness of the gear. With proper care, hob tooling can produce a lot of work pieces.

In the meshing of transverse system helical rack and helical gear, the movement, l, for one turn of the helical gearis the transverse pitch multiplied by the number of teeth. A blank with faces out of parallel acts like a wedge when clamped under pressure, and the stoutest arbor will deflect.

Notice that the same model of hobber can have different constant values. If you are unfamiliar with hobbing, hob machine setup, or basic gear specification, then you should arrange to have competent assistance with you before attempting the following procedure at the machine.


If you “unmesh” a set of gears, then that function will stop working. However, other methods are used too. There are at least 5 different “standard” cutter body diameters. The amount of crowning is represented as the space betweenthe worm and worm wheel at the meshing point A in Figure 4. K is the machine’s index constant C is Pickup Constant, an integer value Threads is number of threads, or starts, of hob cutter N is the number of teeth to cut. The first is a set of differential change gears that will generate any helical angle on the gear, say 15 Degrees Right Hand.

Determine Differential Constant of a Gear Hobber applies a dividing head coupled to a milling machine to measure lead of a large pinion, then the differential formula is found. TXT setups saved in plain text. What can I use to check gear lead angle if I don’t have a lead checker? Click OK and check “Save properties Never double both gears in the numerator or in denominator!

To arrive at the machine’s true Differential Constant, examine the table of machine constants in the FAQ above. The next topic What is the Pickup Constant Method All you need to do is set the lever correctly to generate the correct HAND.

As you move the cutter in, keep your hand away but move the paper back and forth until the paper is trapped between cutting edge and OD. Scoring This is the condition in which the lubricant coating breaks down due to overheating of local contact areas causing the deterioration of the gear surface from metal to metal contact.

Next is amount of helix angle.

FAQ about gear cutting, gear software and gear design

Backlash is a play between tooth surfaces of paired gears in mesh. So, we are going to select index gears so that the ratio is not matched exactly. Fill in the prompts as shown below; skip Shortcut Key for now.

This is usually easier when “C” is an integer. Dimensions of gears are calculated based on these elements. Usually, the crowning is done to the worm wheel,but in this method the modification is on the worm.


But be aware – your machine might not “behave” according to a friend’s differential formula. In this section, we discuss the Gleason straight bevel gear. You may send me an including the two differential “setups” corresponding to your test gear specs. Mikron – First, it is wise to have a Mikron Operational Manual.

You will change differential gearsets until the correct gearset is mounted. Some shops use differential machines routinely to cut helical gears of all sizes because it is often thought that helicals are difficult on a non-differential machine. There is another FAQ that can show you how to determine differential constant and helix angle without lead checker, but these procedures are beyond the scope of this “simple” exercise.

This is shown in Figure 4. If you need to make more than one cut which is usually the case when setting upthen reverse the drive motor’s direction to run the machine in reverse until the beginning of cut is reached.

It always mounts on the final shaft. Even if you are producing only one member, you must know teeth in the mating member.

This is the case in which the root portions of gear are subjected to a repeated load exceeding the material’s fatigue limit. Take it off and have a look.

Helical Gear Mathematics Formulas and Examples – May/June 1988

Internal Gears are composed of a cylindrical shaped gear having teeth inside a circular ring. However, enlarging the face width a little and enablingthe gears to move toward the axis will avoid excessive local wear, and lengthens the life of the entire gear.

Another important warning is that you must eliminate any extraneous machine motions. Either run the machine to use the feeler paper between cutter and workpiece or manually position a hob cutter tooth on the centerline and at the top of its rotation. Hob shifting that occurs away from the workpiece has no effect on basic hobbing change-gear setup.