Style 98 is manufactured from high purity (95%+ carbon assay) premium carbon staple yarn. Individual yarns are single-end coated and single-end dried prior to. Garlock-TUF简本 – Garlock Seals and Sealing Systems Garlock Sealing Style FEP and Style Valve stem packings for high. for steam service, Garlock developed Style ST The inorganic PH. Valve Stem Packing Style is a Steam with high temperature/pressure.

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Low leak rate of the seal under maximum operating conditions.

Available in all standard cross sections and diameters from mm to mm. GYLON gasketing tested under varying pressures, gasketloads and differing temperatures. Designed for reciprocating service of hydraulic pistons or rods as well as sealing of rotating shafts.

ST showed no detectable leakage see diagram. For engineering assistance please contact Garlock to obtain an application yarlock sheet. Compression Packings Popular Garlock Packings.

Compression Packing

Wear resistant, long service life? Different types and materials of scraper are available.

Inventory includes seals for single and gxrlock acting pistons, rod seals and appropriate wear rings. When the material is subjected to overload, significant changes may occur e.

  AR 210-22 PDF

Compression Packing | Garlock

These materials are made of pure PTFE without fillers. The flexible graphite rings are very efficient in conducting heat away from the shaft, therefore equipment runs cooler. The surface of the cone and syyle end of the shaft should be polished and free from scoring. Withstands a wide garloco of media. Pressure range up to bar without backup rings. Packing cross section The packing cross section should be always in relation with the shaft diameter.

Gasket Flexible graphite sealing element with corrugated metal core for heat exchanger applications. Special material with very good dry-running characteristics and FDA approval. Furthermore IFG provides higher sealability, better torque retention and lower creep relaxation. Test on safety against bursting and blow-out agrlock. We also provide expertise with highly knowledgeable application engineering support.

Prevention of damage is ensured by preparing the shaft as outlined at fig. Proof of adequately high mechanical properties for corresponding temperatures. Static seal All sizes in mm.

As a result, changing requirements for sealing technology are continuously identified and translated into enhanced and new products.

Compatible throughout a wide styl of chemicals? IFG is produced to meet most service requirements. Other sizes and materials are available on request. Information contained in our catalogue does therefore not constitute or imply any representation of warrantee.


Style 98 Premium Carbon Packing

This is extremely vital where raised faces are involved. For high speed and high temperature applications. It is particularly suited for service against hydrofluoric acid and other strong chemicals such as potassium and sodium hydroxide, hydrogen fluoride, aluminium fluoride and chrome plating solutions. Low gralock, no stick slip? Conformance to process safety management? This is achieved by the flexible connector installed between the shaft seal and the equipment.

Aramid Fiber 0 stule 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Thickness Fig. Garlock is an EnPro Industries, Inc. PTFE is applied before and after the braiding operation.

The joint should stand as long as possible before retorquing. Binding statements regarding the compatibility of our products are therefore atyle only after practical onsite tests under operating conditions.