Manthra or Prathana Slogas for Early Marriages And Pregnancy: Manthra or Prathana Slogas for Early Marriages And Pregnancy: Om Devendhirani. Slokas of Garbarakshambigai: Garbarakshambigai sloka for Marriage and women to have child: Aum devendhiraani namosthubyam. Chanting the slokas during pregnancy would ensure safe delivery. Couples Who Want a Baby Shoul Read Mantra of Garbarakshambigai Chant the Mantra.

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Namaskarams Madam I got married in and blessed with a baby girl in We live in USA and can not come to temple. Thousands of other devotees over the last thousand years!!

Hi, I am 8th month pregnant staying in chennai. This time we really want it to be a safe and healthy delivery. I stay in Dubai.

Please mail me all the details. I have irregular periods. I have no direct connection with temple. Let us hope that your prayers are soon answered by Garbarakshambigai Amman and that you garharakshambigai blessed with a healthy.

I have been married since 5 years,not yet blessed with a baby. Namaster By some divine intervention I came across this site.

Slokas of Garbarakshambigai for safe pregnancy and delivery of baby…!

Sharing the Slokas Chanting these slokas when you are trying to conceive has several physical and mental benefits. Me and my husband are trying to garbarakshmabigai from more than 1 year. Garbarakshambigai sloka for Marriage and women to have child: So please send me what pooja should slola do and how much should i pay for pooja. However i am unable to understand why am not able to conceive and feel helpless month on month.


Can you please send the pooja details. I understand how difficult this time is for you. Your email address will not be published.

Garbarakshambigai Slokas for Conceiving

We live in New jersey, USA. I heard about Garbarakshambiga devi and pooja. Eargerly waiting for children. It would be very helful if you could please send me all the details for pooja and things I need to do.

Dear Mam, I married almost 9 yrs, I cannot get baby. I can understand that you are upset garbraakshambigai not having followed the proper guidelines for havinf the prasadam.

I pray sai whole heartedly to sai and Goddess Garbarakshambihai to bless you with a good life partner, baby and a beautiful life head. After three months though my doctor has told she will. We do not have any problems but still no luck.

I will write to you once the puja is over. WE will be happy to perform puja on your behalf and send you prasadam. I have sent you other details by e-mail. Through garbarakshabmigai friend I came to know about Garbharakshakaambika goddess. It would b helpful for me to pray garbadakshambigai for my conception. This is a very popular belief followed by Hindus for centuries.


Its a personal attitude. I had surgery arthroscopy and cant travel now.

Garbarakshambigai Slokams, Stotrams, Mantras for Pregnant Women and For Conceiving

Im married just 3months but im very worried of getting pregnant due im 39yrs now garbarkashambigai my hubby 41yrs. I understand your worry and concern about becoming a mother. I wish to add another simpe sloka of Garbarakshambigai. Let us hope in you will be blessed by Garbarakshambigai Amman.

I heard that there is monthwise slokas for Garba rakshambigai,can I get the same? Currently we live in Qatar. I have been married 3.

Sharing the Slokas

I want to seek Goddess Garbharakshambiga blessings as one last try. I asked him do you pray babahe told ” ivar dhaanga ennaku ellaame” he is everything for me. Through the grace of Amman, many people have conceived and have had safe pregnancies and healthy babies.