General information. also found as, 藤沢秀行. Fujisawa Hideyuki Fujisawa Shu- ko- Fujisawa Shuko Shuko, Progression. chinese, Teng2-ze2 Xiu4-xing2 (tengze, . The following kifu and most of the comments included are from the Fujisawa Complete Works, volume 3. For advice on how to study professional games, read . Check go games played by professional player Fujisawa Shuko on Waltheri’s go pattern search database.

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The book has a beautiful cover and includes the images from Go World. The Games of Fujisawa Shuko Posted: Being able to replay the moves in interactive diagrams is a valuable feature for me.

Fujisawa Hideyuki at Sensei’s Library

Edit page Discuss page 1. It was intended to be the first of a series of books on Kisei title holders if there was enough interest. He is the father of Kazunari Fujisawa, an 8-dan Go professional, and the grandfather of Rina Fujisawaa 3-dan Go professional who has won multiple titles. SmartGo Books ebook Reader apps: Retrieved 19 May Take a look at the free sample chapter; that will give you a good idea of what to look forward to in the rest of the book.


I defeated Catalin Sjuko of Romania by resignation, getting revenge for my loss to him in the European Go Congress He then won two Asahi Pro Best Ten titles in and Conflict of interest statement: I realised that many of the shapes and ploys as Fujisawa likes to say in use today were pioneered by Fujisawa in the 80s. Aside from go, he was also known as a successful real estate dealer and calligrapher, having had several of his calligraphy works exhibited.

He then won two Asahi Pro Best Ten titles in and Fujiwawa won the first 3 games, controlling each and every move Cho made.

Review: The Games of Fujisawa Shuko • Life In 19×19

Go World 1 started with game 3 fujisaw the first title match and never backtracked. The text reads smoothly and unobtrusively without stylistic distractions or typos.

He won his first major title inthe Meijin. Page 1 of 1. Skip to suuko The following kifu and most of the comments included are from the Fujisawa Complete Works, volume 3.

Dmitry Yakovtsev added it Apr 12, This series exemplified his famous direction of play and fuseki skills and at the same time his infamous habit of mid to late-game blunders [ 1 ].

  DGUHC 2007 53 PDF

At that time, I played out the moves on a physical shukl after each new magazine was published. The Meijin title was Fujisawa’s again inand then went on a half-decade dry streak.

He was known to play a very flexible fuseki but was infamous for making errors poka later in the game. Some of you may have noticed that I also have a Twitter account. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Even though he was known more for his controversial acts, shukko as having a bad drinking habit, the most important thing that shone through fujosawa Fujisawa was his Go skill.

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Want to Read saving…. I liked this book very much. Tiberiu marked it as to-read Jan 06, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Hideyuki Fujisawa was born in YokohamaJapan. I was asked to give a more fujiswwa description about our life in Beijing, so here goes, albeit a little late on my part: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.