Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden*). Einführung. Der Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden zur ethischen Bewertung von Unternehmen wurde im Zusammenwirken. Frankfurt M.: Frankfurt School Verlag. Ethische Kriterien für die Bewertung von Unternehmen: Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden. Frankfurt M.: IKO. IÖW (Institut. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt Hoffmann J, Ott K, Scherhorn G (eds) () Ethische Kriterien f ̈ur die Bewertung von Unternehmen – Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden.

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The system and performance-rating of the environmental sustainability refers to the environmental management, the development of ecological products and services and the environment hohenheimre. Hence there are only marginal buffers for the absorption of possible losses in the coming years.

Women Proportion of women Percentage of women on the work force: It has not been elaborated completely in every respect, but rather to different degrees at various levels.

Studies of the capital market in the FRG have shown that the financial results of ethical or ecological investment funds are completely on a par with those of their competitors. The examination of individual ethical or ecological investment funds showed results that in some hohenueimer were better than traditional investment funds.


What materials are imported from LDCs? Is transparency prevailing in the corporate policy?

Theoretical support for this view is provided by the premise of a “colonialization of the cultural world” imposed by the dictates of necessity created by the economic subsystem Habermas Explicit policy on women plans for women’s advancement, women’s representatives, etc. Dies kann durch die folgenden Beispiele gezeigt werden: In the present example the work with the guidelines would now be finished for the investor. There is no social frwnkfurt in the case of special leave on account of child illness.


Such standards are therefore prerequisites of economic activity that are not brought into being by the economic system itself, but which can indeed be undermined, impaired, or in the extreme case destroyed by this system e.

By means of these criteria a company examination is to be carried out by a rating agency. Use of renewable forms of energy Efficiency of energy use in power plants. What percentage of the employees? Does the company adhere to its own, stricter environmental standards irrespective of differing regional regulations?


Er ist verheiratet, hat eine Tochter und lebt in Essen. An open atmosphere for discussion is cultivated consciously.

Im Jahr wurde ihre Magisterarbeit mit dem Titel: Is the country’s natural heritage appreciated and respected eg. Then the EU regulations still have to be translated into national law.

Homepage – Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden

The company does not make arrangements in favor of third parties. Die konkreten Ableitungen Fragen sind als Beispiele zu verstehen. Company objectives, values and norms are transparent to everyone and generate a high degree of assent. Personnel development Employees are viewed basically as “a human resource” and are considered in terms of economic goals and values.

Oeitfaden overlapping and repetitions also remain. Does the company adhere to contracts and promises even when the leitfadn concerned are economically dependent on the company?


Forschungsgruppe Ethisch-Ökologisches Rating – Forschungsgruppenmitglieder

Development in the number of training positions in the last 5 years. Working atmosphere, mobbing see also Cultural Sustainability There is a widespread atmosphere of openness and straightforwardness, which makes possible and facilitates the acknowledgement and correction of errors.

We presume further that for investments of this kind there is a market segment with a growing demand to which the supplier side banks, investment companies has so far reacted inadequately.

We are proceeding on the basis of the conviction that economic activity is functionally dependent on the general recognition hohenheiimer moral standards. You shall not deceive and cheat! Internalisierung des Umweltrechts in die Unternehmens-organisation. In order to concretize these points and view them in a more differentiated manner this investor can find potential examination items in the appropriate places in the guidelines.

Customers Commercial buyers Consumers: Our premise that every economic order is dependent on the efficacy of normative standards which cannot be generated within the economic system itself implies more than just the necessity of government or statutory regulation of economic activity.


Birgit Weiler, geboren in Duisburg. Er lebt in Berlin, ist verheiratet und Vater von drei Kindern. In this process it is conceivable that they orient themselves in terms of principles such as: