55 B.C.) in De rerum natura (On the nature of things). Although other critics have touched on certain important topics that Ponge addresses, the author of this. The Nature of Things has ratings and 22 reviews. First published in and considered the keystone of Francis Ponge’s work, Le parti pris de choses. The Nature of Things by Francis Ponge, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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To describe a pebble, Ponge starts at the beginning, literally, the beginning of time itself, diverging from his usual trend of descriptions and assertions. From inside the book. In addition to the motif of science, it is Ponge’s dissection of every aspect of the snail’s life that is critical to this poem’s unique nature.

The Nature of Things – Francis Ponge – Google Books

The moment has come, I think, to startle our generation by presenting it with a tnings truth – the most poignant one it can conceive of – which it had to formulate entirely by itself before we could do so. Mar 07, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: I feel this has been reproduced with love and understanding. Why, as soon as we emerge over the page, In this tihngs paragraph, so many scruples? View all 6 comments.

And when I say convinced, I mean if not of some truth, then at least of the fragility of my own opinion. Prose poems about ordinary things that make them deeply interesting.

Views Read Edit View history. Jul 31, Nick Boston rated it it was amazing. She also argues that when translating Ponge’s work, it is sometimes best to incorporate things like rhythm, sound, and puns rather than purely literal translations of the original.


Open Preview See a Problem? Here we are, in any case, at the heart of pleonasms And at grancis only logical levelthat befits us.

Drancis appreciates Ponge’s “description-definition-literary art work” that avoids both the dullness of a dictionary and the inadequacy of poetic description. Sometimes then – we might also say in some places – Sometimes, our nature – I mean by natkre Nature on our planet And what we are each day on awaking – Sometimes, our nature has prepared us for a prairie. And I do not even admire those who, like the Pharaohs, have monuments to a single man erected by a multitude.

Ponge schrijft en beschrijft alledaagse voorwerpen, maar op een bijna metafysisch niveau.

Since this has more to do with a way of being Than with a platter set before our eyes, The word is more fitting than paint Which would not do at all. Le parti pris des choses has been translated into English many times. To wind up, he sometimes drops from the nture like a caterpillar, but bounces back on his feet, and it is then the adulated paragon of human stupidity who salutes you.


The Nature of Things

Their immobility produces their perfection, their fo, their beautiful ornaments, their rich fruits”. Furthermore, it ar The Butterfly When the sugar prepared in the stem rises to pongf bottom of the flower, like a badly washed cup – a great event takes place on the ground where the butterflies suddenly take off.


With few other qualities – blackberries, black as ink – just as this poem was made. My immediate reaction was: The prose poems are clusters of dynamic images that invite us to explore with our hearts and imagination multidimensional meanings.

Melody Delpierre rated it it was ok Jul 27, They know nothing of this pleasure: The last time I read Le parti pris des choses in another translation maybe eight years agoI was unhappy with it. But what is it that blocks our way? The horizon, overscored with misty accent marks, seems to be printed in small letters, of darker or lighter ink depending on the light. It was in fact partly due to Sartre’s praise of Ponge that he was able to win the prestigious Neudstadt Prize.

No eBook available Amazon.

Furthermore, the French literary frsncis Tel Quel also touted his work during this time period. Influenced by surrealism, he developed a form of prose poem, minutely examining everyday objects.

The Nature of Things PAPERBACK – Francis Ponge : Small Press Distribution

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Refresh and try again. French poems poems books. Ponge was a true visionary of the minute little detail often overlooked. Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 2 Septemberat