If I call REPORT FORM from a form, foxpro prints what appears to be debug the bug returns even with the fixes to the report listener class. Visual FoxPro General. Visual FoxPro Dear friends, I have used Report listener with its quietmode.t. to send output of the report to html file. vfp 9 introduces a new reporting system based on listeners additive * create a report listener object local loreportlistener loreportlistener.

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VFP 9.0 Reporting System Fundamentals – Part 2

It’s hard to find the problem without a repro of the error, though. Remove From My Forums.

The rest of this chapter explores some of the possibilities with report listeners. I tried changing printer drivers but nothing is helping. Fortunately, the VFP team thought of this, and provided a hook mechanism to allow you to change the menu. See the discussion of the OutputPage method for a list of values. Properties of the object parameter passed to EvaluateContents.

See the code below for an example of such a class. Thanks, I tried that but no difference. For example, if you want to both preview a report and output it to HTML at the same time, more than one report listener must be involved. This is just the way it works. How to get the best response from the forum first.


The first is the datasession in which the ReportListener is instantiated. The report engine calls OutputPage after each page is rendered but no output is sent to the printer.

Sign in to vote. If you’d rather not instantiate a listener manually, you can have Visual FoxPro do it for you automatically by specifying a report type:. PrintPageCurrent N Defaults to 0. Left N The left position of the object.

Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. PRG, reporhlistener how to handle this: VCX in the FFC directory when prompted, and save the class to update the path to the fopxro class on your system.

DrivingAlias contains the name of the main cursor for the report. This provides many significant improvements, such as more accurate rendering, smooth scaling up and down of images and fonts, and additional capabilities, such as text rotation.

Reporting System Architecture Before Visual FoxPro 9, the report engine was monolithic; it handled everything and with a few exceptions user-defined function, expressions for OnEntry and OnExit of bands, and so forthyou couldn’t interact with it during a report run. VCX, which contains some subclasses of ReportListener that have more functionality than the base class. Pass this method the name of a report and optionally the report clauses to foxprl such as the RANGE clause and a reference to another listener object.

VFP Reporting System Fundamentals – Part 2

It looks for a directive in the USER memo of a field in the report with the following format: DynamicForeColorEffect is one of the effect handlers. Sunday, October 21, 2: These listeners are built into ReportOutput. Here is my LoadReport method code:. PIC’ and its reference loRL.


Working with reports,olecontrols and listener class

The height of the object in ths of an inch, from 0 to In VFP 9, you simply set the Visible property of the print button in the toolbar to. Any it finds are checked for validity by seeing whether a handler for it exists in the oDirectiveHandlers collection; if so, the reportlisgener is added to a collection object stored in the aRecords element for the report object. By passing report events to ReportListener objects, they’ve allowed us to react to these events to do just about anything we wish, from reportlistenrr different types of output to dynamically changing the way objects are rendered.

PRG shows how you can do custom rendering in a report to produce a column chart. Registering listeners Now that reportljstener know what a ReportListener looks like, you can create different subclasses that have the behavior you need.

App also provides the following:.