FORM 50A. Way bill for transport of consignment of goods despatched from Outside West Bengal to any place inside West Bengal. [See rule. (Form 50A) has to be generated and document to be printed 9. 40 days of entering the state of West Bengal on clicking the link ‘Waybill Utilisation’ after login. Friends need Help Me Am trying to get West Bengal Form50A online thru http:// but each time its rejected.

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Shipping through railway is much better, ask Gati that you require shipment to go through Rail, and not road. January 29, As end users of an item do we need to produce waybills? I think you bengwl understand. Online payment is a good step but something has to be done to make people aware of the rules and to streamline the rule as well. Home Help Calendar Login Register.

I have 3 5a0 questions: The courier was Trackon, their support was a nightmare. The only concessions given are i One doesn’t need e-waybill if consignment value is less than Rs 50, and probably Rs 5, for UP ii No entry tax is applicable on any consignment. Or does the burden of proof of that too lie on me?

Form 50A WayBill West Bengal

December 29, Picking up people randomly won’t fill the state’s bengxl. Hi, I am an electronics hobbyist, although not into RC and not an engineer, have worked on few PIC microcontroller projects. So I went there with my father with all the documents. Do the personal goods Category B attract any Entry Tax? September 12, RC People santoshC 8 January 29, But I am not a casual dealer!


I tried searching on internet but no luck, then a friend of mine asked me to go online into their site. Georges Gate Road, Hastings.

Dont know what to do. The document is now confusing as pan-India ewaybill which was supposed to come this month has been deferred.

We are trying calling to WB Office and sending them emails but of no use. Find the details below of my experience below which will surely help you out. If your goods get seized by chance, you have to bengxl heavy penalty to release it. As CBEC and GST council struggle to benngal pan-India e-waybill due to lack of IT infrastructure, it has been decided that e-waybill will start from in a staggered manner, and will be fully operational from It would only enrich some unscrupulous taxmen.

New to this forum or RC hobby?

Burden of proof rests upon you and your ‘contact’. They have to generate a waybill nevertheless. Powered by SMF 1. Luckily we managed to get the job done with Rs. I also flatly told the Sr. October 08, Luckily my father had some contact person there, who helped us break the bureaucratic ice a lot. Or do they enforce the rules randomly and some unfortunate guy who gets caught has to pay the fine and penalty and the majority escape without paying?


Since most online sellers do not insist upon waybills any longer, has there been a change in the law?

Instruction for generation of Waybill

Before the dispatch the seller asked me to get the Form 50A, that time I benngal a novice like you on Form 50A. Please help as our courier partner fedex refuses to take any shipments there. I thought if I import it from U. Can end users generate waybills through the online link at http: Again, no SMS was sent.

I too have question related to Form 50A generation. June 28, Benyal in office hour.

January 08, Kolkata – 22 It is popularly known as Khiderpur Xing. I was really upset, if I knew this before, I would have never made this purchase as of the tax I paid was around Rs.

Go in office hour. If you are in Kolkata, Go to Pranjali, near Hestings crossing. Shipping through railway is much better, ask Gati that you bngal shipment to go through Rail, and not road.

Dont know what to do. Yes, and consignee has to generate it and supply it to firm courier company. Assuming eBay, Flipkart etc.

An early reply will be highly appreciated on my direct mail i.