This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Physical Fitness Training . Injuries, Chapter Army Physical Fitness Test. Appendix. Appendix A. An APFT with alternate test events is given to soldiers with permanent profiles and The OIC or NCOIC at the test site must have a copy of FM on hand. FM PHYSICAL FITNESS TRAINING CHAPTER 14 – ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST *This publication supersedes FM , 28 August

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You will then be sent to the end of the line to be retested.

FM Table of Contents | Cord Interactive Military Training Tools and Software

The testing events are conducted in accordance with standards detailed in Army FM 7— Support personnel safety, control, and medical, as appropriate. If a repetition does not count, the scorer will repeat the number of your last correctly performed sit-up.

If, due to a diagnosed medical condition, a soldier is temporarily unable to conduct one or more of the events in the record APFT, the soldier can be granted an extension to allow him or her to overcome his or her injury and return to an acceptable level of physical fitness.

Use mdy dates from November Soldiers should not be tested on a quarter-mile track, and they should never be out of the scorers’ sight. Chapter 14 Army Physical Fitness Test. Only those soldiers who score points in all three events are apff to determine their apgt on an extended scale.


Apfy the performance of testees. Soldiers that require makeup testing or re-testing for an APFT failure are exempt from the 8-month rule.

United States Army Physical Fitness Test

Equipment Two stopwatches, one clipboard and pen for each scorer, numbers, and copies of the test instructions and standards are needed. Scorers assign numbers to the soldiers in their groups and record each soldier’s number on the appropriate scorecard. He then organizes the soldiers into groups of no more than ten and assigns each group to a scorer.

Commanders may also establish their own incentive programs and set their own unit’s standards AR Correct performance is important. The test period is defined as the period of time which elapses from starting to finishing the three events.

This simplifies the recording of finish times when large groups of soldiers are simultaneously tested. The scorer’s head should be about even with the testee’s shoulder when the latter is in the front-leaning rest position. That is, you may sag in the middle or flex your back.

Your arms and elbows need not touch the ground.

The score for each event ranges from 0 to points; a minimum score of 60 in each event is required to pass the test. They must be sure that each swimmer touches the bulk-head at every turn. mf


The vertical position means that the base of your neck is above the base of your spine. Weight will be recorded to the nearest pound. Army Physical Readiness Training. The alternate aerobic APFT events are the following: They must ensure that events, scoring, clothing, and equipment are uniform. Cheering or calling out the elapsed time is also permitted. The alternate aerobic event scorer also determines the point value for push-ups and or sit-ups using the scoring standards on the reverse sode of the scorecard.

If a soldier fails an event or finds it difficult to perform, the scorer should write down the reasons and other pertinent information in the comment block.

They should always strive to improve themselves physically and never be content with meeting minimum standards. A male aapft performs above the maximum in the age group by doing 87 push-ups and 98 sit-ups and by running the two miles in 11 minutes and 12 seconds.

United States Army physical fitness Fitness tests. Personnel One event supervisor and at least one scorer for every 10 soldiers are required. If you stop and rest in the down starting position, the event will be terminated.