Aug 27, Evidencia que exige un veredicto – Josh McDowell. El autor de éxito de ventas Josh McDowell presenta magistralmente, inteligentes y inquietarán a los no creyentes y dará a los cristianos explicaciones de su fe. evidencia· • que.. exige un veredicto. evidencias históricas de la fe cristiana. Traducción castellana de René Arancibia Muñoz compilado por Josh McDowell .

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I will admit to skimming much of this Some have complained that McDowell uses circular logic This is a reference book. Vintage Paperback Paperback Books Bibles. Amongst other things, it pulls together a bundle of evidence that the Bible is historically accurate and that Jesus was a historical figure by the methods of our day.

I challenge any atheists, skeptics, or agnostics to give it a fair reading in its entire A great reference book for those searching for truth, it is a thorough and unanswerable defense of the historical evidence for, and philosophical sensibleness of, the Christian faith.

For one, it is written in an evangelical style. Non-christian historians describing Christians and their beliefs are not evidence these beliefs are true.

And, I admit, lots of citations. Easily over pages, it covers nearly every objection to Christianity that I have heard. If you doubt the uniqueness mcdoeell divine inspiration of the Bible, or have ever questioned the existence of Jesus as a historical figure, or the possibility of His resurrection, you will find plenty to answer your questions here. Cmdowell book I read this book while researching my at the time fundamentalist Christian faith. I think that putting this book through a sieve of formal logic would shake out much of the weaker content, and strengthen much of the good content.

Evidencia Que Exige un Veredicto. Unofficial textbook for those who wish to learn how to defend their Christian faith.

Evidencia Que Exige un Veredicto

Save on Nonfiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. This is a summary of jaw-dropping historical evidence, of which historical authorities in academia are inescapably aware of fact Formidable and convincing historical proofs that support mmcdowell long-held and defended doctrine of the inerrancy of the Bible. McDowell also spends a full 80 pages on the resurrection alone, which shows his priorities. Take his hypothesis with “a grain of salt”.


When I first came to Japan, ok before I moved here, I faced this huge huge problem – which books should I bring? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Has a great section on the basics of philosophy which helps with understanding the illogical bases for mysticism, post-modernism, and skepticism.

Also debunks some misconceptions and alternate resurrection theories, etc. They’re all broken down to one point per section, and some sections, like introductions and conclusions, are basically summaries and so are very short. I highly recommend it to anyone that has questions about the evidence base for Christianity. For the most part, I think apologetics really only speak to Christians or those who want to be one.

Lists with This Eviddncias.

God used the original version of this book to get me through college and the constant challenges to my faith. There are many chapters concerning topics such as where did the Bible come from, is it reliable, was Jesus crazy, why agnostics have a self-defeating philosophy, etc.

In particular, I found his arguing away of objections to the inconsistencies of the Bible to be very unconvincing, in which he simply explains that there can’t be any, and any that appear as such are just being misinterpreted or taken in improper context. I read this book while researching my at the time fundamentalist Christian faith. I also hate arguing and don’t really think you can argue someone into faith in Christ. Josh will tell you that his family does not come before his ministry—his family is his ministry.

I would like to see it re-written in a less confusing manner i. Want to Read saving….


I heartily recommend this reference for the historically-minded Christian, and intellectually honest skeptic alike. Incluye evidencia arquelogica de los ultimos veinte anos y una respuesta al posmodernismo. Some of the “evidence” makes no sense.

I’ll refer anyone reading this review to this website in order to judge for themselves if they still think the Bible is evirencias consistent and inerrant after browsing through: This is definitely a book everyone needs in their library as it is an invaluable resource to a ve This is a great book for presenting a systematic defense of the bible and for Christianity. There is a ton of amazing, evidencoas researched, and well articulated evidence in this book, and almost none of it is in chapter Like, most of it.

It’s a little dry, but what factual book with so much to cover isn’t?

Evidencia Que Exige un Veredicto : Josh McDowell :

I plan on reading again because it’s really dense and there is a lot of interesting stuff which uosh both my notice and my memory. No, really, it says “later revelations override previous revelations”. These are all really broad topics, and they cover things from whether the Bible is historically reliable, allege contradictions in the Bible, whether Jesus existed, Documentary Hypothesis it’s a theory that says that The Pentateuch, the books that Moses wrote, was actually written by a bunch of people who lived long after Moses diedthe knowability of truth this was very useful for IBdefending miracles, the list goes on an on.

This is definitely a book everyone needs in their library as it is an invaluable resource to a very deep topic with eternal significance. This book is broken up into four parts: