Eva Figes was an English author. Figes wrote novels, literary criticism, studies of feminism, and Figes’ novel, Light, is an impressionistic portrait of a single day in the life of Claude Monet from sunrise to sunset. Her best known work is. A day in the life–and the light–of the aging (but still far from aged) Claude Monet. Figes (Waking) builds this impressionistic, rather studied. Complete summary of Eva Figes’ Light. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Light.

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Hollie rated it really liked it Mar 17, It’s a quick read and the cover is lovely but it really didn’t do much for me. Want to Read saving…. It was a struggle to get through the minutiae of the day.

The only light I could think of while reading Light was the light at the end of the tunnel after wanting to drown myself, both in whiskey and in the bath. The remaining sunlight had detached itself from the shadows, and now it clung to the very texture of things, leaf flower grass, had become part of it, even of wood or stone, so that those things which it still lit had become insubstantial, luminous from within.

In order to submit a comment to this post, please copy this code and paste it ligh with your comment: Fans of his paintings will love all the detailed, tactile descriptions of the man in nature and at work. Odd that it should have taken so long to reach this point, knowing it, as I did, to be my element.

A day in the life–and the light–of the aging but still far from aged Claude Monet. But Ernest declared bankruptcy and had to work away from home, leaving Monet for weeks at a time with Alice.

We become the gardener dangling his hand from the boat into the water, Alice closing her eyes in struggling sleeplessness, and their granddaughter Lily musing about how far away a year is, and the smell of grandparents. In Figes’ tribute, her words become one with Eba light, sharing the same miraculous dissolution of substance.

I admit, going into this little story I did not know much about the life of Monet but the writing here has definitely made me curious to read up on him more. Yes, he thought, he had got it about right, the curve of the pond running inward towards ev bridge with its llight arc, two curved spans meeting, the dark mass of eav for emphasis, giving it just enough density, pinning it down so that it would not float into the sky along with the fragile column of trees beyond.


She wrote an early work on the Women’s Movement. That was how a young man saw things, in midsummer, and at midday. I’ve written single-day stories and a hour novel myself, so share with her the difficulties of maintaining a tale in such a compressed time frame.

Light, by Eva Figes

Though never mentioned, since this is a fully rendered account of one day in Monet’s and his family’s life, it is vea clear that the women’s lives are totally determined by the men. I want to return to Light again to look more closely at how Figes builds her story. Had a big impact on two chapters of my second book. To the credits on the back cover, “A luminous prose poem” and “A small llight I can only add “An exquisite haiku”. I’d say this one is good for a once over if you want to study books for writing technique because the imagery is beautiful.

But now, lighf in the early morning and in the evening, he saw it for the illusion it was. Art, politics, religion and the wonders of a red balloon are thrown at us. Your email address will not be published.

Almost square, a total balance between water and ligh. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: But also to Virginia Woolf: He is though hampered by figea refusing to stand still for him with the advent of the car and life changing too rapidly and for no good reason.

The group that Figes depicts at Giverny in thus includes members of both families. And I loved the understated discourse on gender relations. There are numerous characters other than Claude Monet himself; Figes does not supply any back-story, and only gradually do you figure out who they are and how they relate; this is a book written for those who already figss Monet and something of his family.

Speaking for myself, when a writer deals with real people and real facts, I want to know those facts, so before long I was reading with iPad Wikipedia by my side.

I have broken through the envelope, the opaque surface of things. It’s less than pages and anyone who looks at it can tell it’s not a novel. Light by Eva Figes. Figes is now a resident of north London and the mother of the academic Orlando Figes and writer Kate Ligyt.


Short at 91 pages Figes slips into the rapid weave of her story with a deftness to be admired even as I read, reading slowly to A book of impressionistic psalms to the presence and fading of time through the eyes of an ligt Monet.

Light by Eva Figes

Marthe, Germaine, Jean-Pierre, and Michel; and friends of his who drop by in the afternoon. I was blinded, dazzled by the rush of things moving, running tides, spray caught in sunlight.

One fva the most beautiful novels I’ve ever read. Please provide an email address.

Fifes the s she was associated with an informal group of experimental British writers influenced by Rayner Heppenstall, which included Stefan Themerson, Ann Quin and its informal leader, B. This beautiful novella describes one day in the life of Claude Monet, his family and his friends.


It’s a quick rea 2. Indoors it fell across waxed floorboards, faded bedspreads and cushions, showing up dust in rooms where the maid had not yet been. In still water all things are still.

Monet’s wife Alice was written quite well. But although the book invites you to read it on this sensuous level, it is not the only one. At book’s end, in a moment that presumably foreshadows the late water-lily work, Monet now realizes that “”nothing is solid,”” that he must look through things “”to show how light and those things it illumines are both transubstantial, both tenuous.

Dec 25, Jackie rated it really liked it Shelves: Claude Monet remembers her with joy. It’s a series of moments—sense impressions, really—with metaphorical significance. Within these pages are instructions about seeing, awareness, the value of seeking perfection when it does not exist but how the luminosity of each of life’s details does. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

But Figes gives the painter a different vision, which he expresses in different ways several times in the short book: