Esaote – ECG P80Compact and Portable, Compact and Portable P80 offers any customer the information to produce a complete and accurate. Find great deals for Schiller at Esaote P80 P Patient Ecg/ekg Kit Cable lead Banana Plug. Shop with confidence on eBay!. 14 products Connectors are surrounded by insert molded flex-reliefs to protect terminations and extend product life. Flexreliefs at the connector and cable yoke.

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G-scan Brio O-scan S-scan. Further applications are being researched to assess their effectiveness, safety and long-range clinical results on other organs such as metastatic lymph nodes in the neck, pancreas, breast and prostate tumors.

EchoLaser is fully developed for applications of PLA for solid tumours in order to achieve high effectiveness of treatment.


Percutaneous laser ablation PLA is a mini invasive procedure esaotr uses the laser light for a few minutes to heat a solid tumour until an irreversible in situ damage occurs. O-scan equine Vet-MR Grande.

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