ORDER AND BUY THE REQUEST tax exemption YOUR CASH REGISTER, ALL MODELS OFFER VALID ONLY FOR THE MARCHE REGION. In stock. Epson FP81 II mm. Product no.: Epson FP81 II mm. Be the first to rate this product. In stock can be shipped within 5 days. Possible delivery method. Επιστρέψτε στις επιλογές υποστήριξης για Epson FP Greek sample. Εκτύπωση Print a Windows Test Page from the General tab of the Epson driver.

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For older drivers, locate the Mode section on the Main tab. For detailed instructions, refer to article – How to open the Printers or Printers and Faxes folder in Windows The window will open on the Main tab. Just as printing at a high resolution requires more processing time than printing at a low resolution, printing in colour takes longer than printing in Black and White because the volume of data in a colour document is much larger.

For example, printing a text document will be slower if ‘ Premium Glossy Photo Paper ‘ has been selected when ‘ Plain Paper ‘ is loaded in the printer. Settings in the printer driver.


Click the Custom radio button under Mode.

Epson FP81 II -58mm

If printing remains slowmove to Step 2. The table below lists the factors affecting print speed: Print speed may vary depending on system configuration, print mode, document complexity, software, type of paper used and connectivity. Right-click the icon for your Epson printer.

Power off the printer and check for obstructions to the paper feed path or print head. Perform a printer operation check.

Fiscal Printer – Download – POS – Epson

Create a new spool folder on the hard drive and point the driver to it. Click on the Advanced tab.

It takes a long time before the printer start to print. Turn off the printer and wait until there are no lights displayed on the printer control panel. If printing is normal then the problem is related to your system resources. Left-click on Properties from the menu.

Click the Advanced button.

Epson FP81 II mm + Tastierino –

The following table lists the factors that affect print speed and print quality. If the printing is very slow during the printer operation check, this may be caused by the following:. Print speed does not include processing time on the host computer. The higher the print quality setting, the longer the print job will take to print. Click Continue if an information Note It takes a long time to print a page.


In order to determine whether the problem is related to the printer or to the computer, perform a printer operation check. Probably the installation will require the configuration on the device of speed, stop bits, parity parameters, etc.

If after following this guidance, the printer operation check printing is still slow contact Epson for support. Check the paper exit tray at the front of the printer for debris or blockages and clear if necessary.

Move to Step 3. Similarly, printing would be slow if ‘ Best Photo ‘ quality has been selected when only a lower print quality such as ‘ Text ‘ is required. The table below lists the factors affecting print speed only. Software as a service The customers do not pay for the software itself, but for its usage. Click on the Reset Defaults button, or change the settings as appropriate.

If the Test Page prints correctly, try printing a different document.