Just tried putting together a Corsair list in Battle Scribe, and it hit me – without any Consider reading this article by u/MagicJuggler about rules. 8th Edition hurt Corsair players, and I mean hurt as in a whole unit of D-Scythes to the face sort of hurt. Gone are the Coterie rules and their own. Rumors say the Eldar are getting a shiny new Corsair armylist headed our way soon. Here’s the latest rules info.

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It was only later that GWS produced background and rules for the craftworlds that are now recognized as the quintessential eldar. Eldar Corsairs Getting New Rules!

Alternatively, bring in Redemption Force on Turn 3, and have the Corsairs come in on Turn 2 and run around killing stuff, leaving the army crippled before the Deathwing come in and finish up. Eldar, Raven Guard, Slaanesh. Many foolhardy adventurous eldar seek out these pirate lords in the hopes of achieving a life of adventure.

I think FW did a major disservice to its fans and customers ru,es has dropped the ball dismally. You say you’re playing Corsairs, I say you’re playing Eldar with a vague Corsair theme. Any model may purchase an additional flesh borer for 2 points.

A lieutenant can take equipment from the corsair armory.

The blue blood humans will play a fortune for such a perceived delicacy. Submit a new link. Eldar 40k Proposed Rules.

The kroots prosper greatly from this relationship, as the eldar are able to ferry them across the galaxy exposing them to new genetic material in a manner that the tau never could. Oddly enough these pirate eldar often have a somewhat cordial relationship with the other races when compared to the craftworlds. Seriously, nab some Warp Hunters.

Eldar Corsairs – 1d4chan

And wo T benefit from any kabal cult or craftworld traits, only the stratagems. GW doesn’t care about Corsairs. Whereas craftworld military tactics emphasized the cohesion and mutual support of aspect squads, guardian auxiliary, and elegant vehicles; to corsairs take a different route and many princes embrace unsupported maneuvers focusing on individual tactics and squad level actions.


Focusing on the popular Forgeworld Horus Heresy game. Just tried putting together a Corsair list in Battle Scribe, and it hit me – without any HQ options, and without the Asuryani or Drukhari keywords, you can’t actually play with corsair models anymore. The carnosaur chewed the ork commander, limbs and torn flesh falling to the ground while the remain boyz marred its hide with their choppas. As you can see they are straight up buffs for something you might have been taking anyway.

It not only costs a CP, but the opportunity cost of an entire detachment is crippling. His hold full of marketable cargo; his crew appeased; a friendly, secluded port open to him; a new trophy, and profits in his future; this turned out to be a very good day for the prince. Now they do not outside of their troop choices, which is all they’ve got left.

WS and BS are 4 as per other Eldar. Only one lieutenant can be placed in a unit. Craftworld technology is prevalent both in the corsair fleets and equipment used on the battleground, though despite this, it is not uncommon for Dark Eldar technology to be seen amongst the ranks of the corsairs. A prince can come a psyker. It was the lack of technologic infrastructure of these people that spared them the full wrath of the orks.

Zoats display an unexplained loyalty to the prince. A Corsair Fleet is lead by what the Imperium names a Corsair Prince, although such is their narcissism that none share the same title.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar Corsairs (7E)

I did so by theming my Eldar and Dark Eldar armies alike. The HQ unit relaying the corsairz must pick a super heavy vehicle, gargantuan creature, building or stationary structure. However, your analogy is flawed because they are not portrayed this way in the fluff, but Corsair are. Rumors say the Eldar are getting a shiny new Corsair armylist headed our way soon.


The prince led his bodyguards into the confused orks and the centarian zoats stomp and crush their bodies. Free from the bondage of the Path, they can explore the full extent of sensation in the universe without restraint. Eldae tried to remain true to the old background material from rouge trader, adding my own touches to make the dated fluff more suited to the current setting and filling in the holes to recreate the original eldar forces.

This a difficult maneuver for the crew to pull off as it exposes the ship to retaliation and requires repositioning so ruless corsairs usually can not bombard the battlefield with perpetuity. They will not be tolerated.

Even if you don’t get any 6s as long as you roll a 12 total on the three dice you are penetrating AV13 and glancing AV If you need any more evidence, corsaird the Void Sabre.

What happened to the Corsairs in 8th? Looking for more of a certain thing? Many princes recognize the value of these knights and the devastation of their charges. Corsaisr Void Dreamer Gets a major cotsairs. As mercenaries themselves the corsairs often find an unexpected ally in the kroot. I’m thoroughly disappointed as long time FW customer. I have hopes that the Corsairs will not be ignored forever.