NICAN MOPOHUA, the original XVI Century Guadalupe’s apparitions story. NICAN MOPOHUA (“HERE IS TOLD”) and set down in order how a short time ago. A complete title of the Nican Mopohua was translated by the Library’s was imprinted an image of La Morenita, Mother of God, on the garment. Nican Mopohua. The summary of the text from this book was made by Father Johann Roten, S.M. with the permission of the publisher and author. Stream of.

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That same day, he returned to the hill-top of Tepeyac. Obviously, overly precise translation makes clumsy English, but if one’s interest is language, it can help to show the structure of the original text. Our Lady of Guadalupe is very popular. In haste and with joy Juan Diego took the road to Mexico, with the wonderful flowers he was carrying in his arms.

The preface ends with a short prayer in two lines pleading the Virgin’s intercession for the assistance of the Holy Spirit in writing in Nahuatl.

See also the section below on “The Nican Mopohua nicsn liberation theology”. He inherited from his ancestors numerous hieroglyphs and documents on the Guadalupe tradition, referring to the appearances of the Most Holy Virgin in Tepeyac.

But it is even less reasonable to equate -tzin to any standard English usage. On the other hand it is reverential, used for lords and gods. Cristo, centro de la Historia- Juan 3, con lo esencial del Nican Mopohua vv.

As he circled the hill, he saw Our Lady treading majestically down the slope: The following text is a condensed version of the translation made by Primo Feliciano Velazquez from the original in Nahuatl. He even claimed to have seen among these papers “a manuscript book written in the letters of our alphabet in an Indian’s hand in which were described the four apparitions of the Most Holy Virgin to the Indian Juan Diego and his uncle Juan Bernardino.

Except for paintings, the images illustrating this story are photos taken by me during a visit to Tepeyac in If the writer was someone for whom Nahuatl was a second language such as a Spanish priestone can imagine that he tended to overuse this device hoping to convey an appropriately elevated tone.


Nican Mopohua: Here It Is Told

Se atribuye a Don Antonio Valeriano ? Some contemporary scholars have written skeptical or critical texts about the origin of the image and the texts. He called a doctor in the morning and at night his uncle, feeling that his hour had come, asked him to go early to Tlaltelolco to find a priest.

It ends in E and is the only form in Nahuatl which niczn the stress to the final syllable: In a few notes I have included marking for long vowels.

Nican Mopohua : University of Dayton, Ohio

Juan did as he was bid, leaving at dawn, by his usual road; but drawing near to the hiil of Tepeyac, he stopped and thought. The Bishop put many questions to him about the apparition and he related everything with accuracy.

Thereafter the church was built in all its glory, and from alI parts come the pilgrims to perpetuate each day that procession; they comprise all races of mankind who kneel and pray beside the Indians, who link time past with the present in one faith and hope before the miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Leon-Portilla suggests, “That there is in [the Nican Mopohua ] an exposition of key ideas in Christian thinking, wrapped up in the language and form conceived from the world of the Nahua.

The work was initially published under the auspices of Dr. I possibly missed a few, and added a few new ones, I fear. Queen of Tepeyacac Inten years after the capture of Mexico City, peace allowed the mission fathers to teach the Catholic faith among the Indians and to baptize their children.

All About Mary

The fifth section is a post-apparition biography of Juan Diego, detailing his pious life nlcan devotion to the Virgin and her image.

Fernando Leal made the illustrations inspired by native Indian codices. The lady dismissed him saying, “It is well, my son; thou shall return here tomorrow to take to the bishop the sign he has asked of thee.


Is it a dream perhaps? It is inaccurate to equate -tzin routinely with the Spanish mopohu, which is more limited in scope, although probably somewhat expanded in Colonial Mexico under the influence of Nahuatl usage. Guadalupe is more than a shrine. Her promise to grant the wishes of the locals who beseech her is prominent, as is her demand for a temple on the very spot.

Then he unfolded his white cloak and, as the lovely blooms were strewn on the floor, the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe suddenly appeared on the cloth just as it is to be seen today, painted by a divine hand on the cape of Juan Diego. CS1 Spanish-language sources es Articles needing cleanup from December All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from December Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from December All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Articles with unsourced statements from December The specific problem is: Scholar Richard Nebel insists that fl Nican Mopohua is not necessarily a historical account, but a document designed to convert the Nahua and “bring about a state of harmony between different peoples, cultures, and religions, in order that, during a period of radical change, new possibilities of coexistence could be envisaged”.

Su Buena Noticia es una palabra eficaz. It is without a doubt that this narrative seeks to demonstrate who God and the Virgin Mary are and that their relations are of kindness and protection for human beings. The spelling is slightly modernized.

From Wikipedia, mopohuw free encyclopedia. I have also freely modified the anonymous English translation in places where it seemed untrue to the original text. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Nahuatl is insufficient for me to appreciate whether the flow of verb forms here is clumsy in Nahuatl or not.

I bid thee farewell, I thy humble servant.