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Samael explained there were a whole series of tests aspirants might have to pass like this before they could eventually receive an initiation, which involved more difficult tests.

Sex, the Secret Gate to Eden. This shift can be seen in the changes in society at the time.

El Matrimonio Perfecto – Samael Aun Weor.pdf

This meant it was no longer possible for people to find a place to learn and practice true esoteric spirituality in the world. Without a doubt He and She are our very Real Being beyond the self of psychology.

In those cultures, humanity was also held to shift through four major epochs, each becoming less ideal. This website uses cookies. The sign of Pisces shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, one above the other: The Son of Man.

Indian traditions have long held that the kundalini can be raised up through the spine through spiritual practice and awaken chakras energy centers along the spine as it reaches them, activating psychic powers as it does. Samael taught that alchemy was found in various traditions, but was usually referred to in a coded and symbolic way to guard it from those who would profane or deride it, and to protect practitioners from persecution.


In he announced at an assembly of The Universal Christian Gnostic Movement he founded that only five of his most recent books should be used, and stated he wished his earlier publications could be burned for their mistakes.

Samael Aun Weor had such a disciple in his close student Rabolu, who reached this stage sometime in He outlined the path from his personal experience, stating: While the influence of spiritual beings upon an esoteric school cannot be seen with the naked eye, it could be glimpsed in out-of-body experiences. Samael explained that the Age of Aquarius came under the planetary influence of Uranus, which influences human sexuality.

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Books to get you or a friend started with the study of Gnosis. Its founding constitution was said to have originated in a higher dimension known as the astral plane. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. With the explanations in this book, you will understand not only many seemingly vague and incomprehensible scriptures, perfecro also how all genuine spiritual practices work.

Samael Aun Weor used the terms Kali Yuga and iron age interchangeably to describe our present epoch. Default Title Date Random. For those doing the esoteric work, spiritual beings would influence circumstances to create situations and challenges that would bring up the egos within them so their defects can be seen, overcome, and a fundamental change can occur.

He described its positive influence as being aligned to the transmutation of sexual energy for spiritual liberation, the awakening of consciousness, and the pursuit of transcendental mystical experiences though spiritual exercises such as meditation.

Samael warned, however, that black magicians also practiced a different form of sexual magic that was the antithesis of what he taught, as they were dedicated to awakening consciousness in darkness.

Matrimonio Perfecto, El : Samael Aun Weor :

With the Age of Aquarius approaching, in the s Samael Aun Weor publicly revealed an matrimnoio practice he said was the most secret and guarded of all—sexual alchemy—by which a husband uan wife could direct their creative energy inwardly during sexual union for inner spiritual growth and development, which he maintained was essential to reach enlightenment. El Matrimonio Perfecto, first edition revised edition ], The Revolution of the Dialectic It was stated that without this living connection, an organization cannot function as a true esoteric school, no matter what its principles or teachings may be.


By amtrimonio symbolic teachings within his parables and life story, however, Jesus left esoteric clues behind for those with more understanding to follow, hence the saying: Later, he removed all positions and hierarchies from the organization, putting everyone in it at the same standard level.

In contrast to preceding times, it became not only socially acceptable to join an alternative spiritual group, but popular. Jesus also taught how to solve this problem perfdcto first miracle was at a wedding, after allbut the church edited his teachings.

The persecution of Christian mystics continued as Christianity fell under the control of a government-backed institution. Under his innovative direction, the organization grew rapidly over the next ten years, becoming an international organization once moresuccessfully bringing the teachings of Gnosticism established by Samael Aun Weor to tens of thousands of people. Treason, Translated from Spanish into English.

The Corsair, Translated from Spanish into English.