Samuel P. Huntington, author of The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World El desafío hispano: en el siguiente texto, el académico Samuel P.. El autor comenta un ensayo del conocido sociólogo norteamericano Samuel P. En su ensayo «El desafío hispano» Samuel P. Huntington, el mundialmente. “Polémico libro del académico estadounidense Samuel Huntington. ” Huntington, el desafío hispano y el contexto político” (El Universal – John Bailey) (

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The Cuban government has responded in kind. They could accept their subordinate and outsider position. Historical Presence No other immigrant group in U. They had no historical claim to any U.

As a result, American identity is now defined in terms of culture and creed.

So did race, following the achievements of the civil rights movement and the Immigration and Nationality Act of As a juntington, they have overlooked the unique characteristics and problems posed by contemporary Hispanic immigration.

The evidence on English acquisition and Spanish retention among immigrants is limited and ambiguous. Inonly In contrast, the current wave shows no yispano of ebbing and the conditions creating the large Mexican component of that wave are likely to endure, absent a major war or recession. The Cuban takeover had major consequences for Miami. You can examine and separate out names.

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Bilingual education and the controversies it spawns would virtually disappear, as would controversies over welfare and other benefits for immigrants. In other words, immigrants arrive in the United States after crossing several thousand miles of ocean.

President Theodore Roosevelt said: Since the samufl, the numbers of foreign-born people in the United States have expanded immensely, with Asians and Latin Americans replacing Europeans and Canadians, and diversity of source dramatically giving way to the dominance of one source: Huntington is currently considered a “single author. More recently, however, national identity has been eroded by the problems of assimilating massive numbers of primarily Hispanic immigrants, bilingualism, multiculturalism, the devaluation of citizenship, and the “denationalization” of Huntinton elites.


The Hispanic Challenge

Ina Spanish-language television station became the number-one station watched by Miamians — the first time a foreign-language station achieved that rating in a hisoano U. Today, the Cubans can legitimately claim that, in the words of Prof.

Presumably, whether second-generation Mexicans share this attitude dewafio help shape the extent to which the third generation retains any knowledge of Spanish. Byit is estimated that Hispanics will make up more than half of the Los Angeles population.

The media and communications industry became increasingly Hispanic. Feature The Hispanic Challenge The persistent inflow of Hispanic immigrants threatens to divide the United States into two peoples, two cultures, and desaafio languages. Dual-language programs, which go one step beyond bilingual education, have become increasingly popular. In contrast, Hispanic children make up substantial majorities of the students in the schools in many Southwestern cities.

But now, for the first time in U. Spanish-language competence, University of New Mexico professor F. As the president of the National Council of La Raza hispao in The answer is clearly no.

Documents.tips Samuel Huntington Ciocnirea Civilizatiilor

Their flow fluctuated over time, with significant reductions occurring as a result of the Civil War, World War I, and the restrictive legislation of No other First World country has such an extensive land frontier with a Third World country.

Eo their numbers increase, Mexican Americans feel increasingly comfortable with their own culture and often contemptuous of American culture. Another desafip difference concerns the relations of Cubans and Mexicans with their countries of origin. They could also eventually undertake to do what no previous immigrant group could have dreamed of doing: Most Americans see the creed as the crucial element of their national identity.

Bilingual police officers and firefighters in southwestern cities such as Phoenix and Las Vegas are paid more than those who only speak English. Links Wikipedia Member ratings Average: BooknotesSunday, June 13, In the long term, Mexican immigration could decline when the economic well-being of Mexico ssamuel that of the United States. Spanish retention is also bolstered by the overwhelming majorities between 66 percent and 85 percent of Mexican immigrants and Hispanics who emphasize the need for their children to be fluent in Spanish.


During the following 90 years, illegal immigration was minimal and easily controlled.

Hhntington Hispanization of Miami is without precedent in the history of U. Sixty-five percent of the children in bilingual education in New York are Spanish speakers and hence have little incentive or need to use English in school. Founding Fathers considered the dispersion of immigrants essential to their assimilation.

Samuel Huntington – [DOCX Document]

Two questions remain, however. The size, persistence, and concentration of Hispanic immigration tends to perpetuate the use of Spanish through successive generations. Their values, institutions, and culture provided the foundation for and shaped the development of the United States in the following centuries. But Americans have tended to generalize about immigrants without distinguishing among them and have focused on the economic costs and benefits of immigration, ignoring its social and cultural consequences.

With World War II and the assimilation of large numbers of southern and eastern European immigrants and their offspring into U. Log in Sign Up Create a Foreign Policy account to access 3 articles per month and free newsletters developed by policy experts Loading. These percentages do not equal the rates of immigrants who came from Ireland between andor from Germany in the s and s.

In Los Angeles, Hispanics — overwhelmingly Mexican — far outnumber other groups. To be sure, the Los Angeles area has immigrants from many countries, including Korea and Vietnam.

In the debates over language policy, the late California Republican Senator S.