This app allows you to learn Hanuman Chalisa – Hindi, Kannada and Telugu versions through the audio recording recorded by His Holiness Sri The Hanuman Chalisa is a Hindu devotional hymn (stotra) addressed to Lord Hanuman. It is traditionally believed to have been authored by 16th-century poet . HH Sri Swamiji · Hanuman Chalisa Mahayagna · Datta Yoga Center · Datta Peetham Datta Yoga Center, USA (DYCUSA) is the American branch of Avadhoota Datta Peetham Please visit for more information.

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One who reads this Hanuman Chalisa obtains Siddhi accomplishment or liberation. You carried out all the tasks of Rama.

SGS Hanuman Chalisa

A large number of media persons and local political representatives were also present at the event. You are the trusted messenger of Rama and you are the abode of incomparable strength.

Your complexion is that of molten gold, and you are resplendent in your handsome form. O Hanuman, the ocean of knowledge and virtues, may you be victorious. Tulsidas is always a devotee of Hari. You are the destroyer of demons and dear as a son to Rama. Shiva himself bears witness to this statement. Your Mantra was accepted by Vibishanaas a result of which he became the king of Lanka. Good Earth Varanasi City Guide.


Views Read Edit View history. Your glory is famous in all the four Yugasand illuminates the whole world. May you shower your grace lovingly, as a Guru does, and reveal to me the knowledge of devotion to Rama. Hindu texts Hindi poetry Bhakti movement Hindu music 16th-century poems. It is safe to download and free of any virus. Retrieved 7 June Niraamaya Publishing Services Pvt Ltd.

The Hanuman Chalisa is recited by dycus of Hindus every day, [8] and most practising Hindus in India know its text by heart. The Hindu Business Line. The authorship of the Hanuman Chalisa is attributed to Tulsidasa poet-saint who lived in the 16th century CE. Fame Boom for Real Followers, Likes. Folk tales acclaim the powers of Hanuman.

Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa HD Sound. You assumed a very large and scary form and burnt the city of Lanka. Big World Of Survival. The seeker should visualize that the Chalissa alone is pervading all the three aspects. Real Car Drift Simulator.

SGS Hanuman Chalisa APK Download – Free Music & Audio APK Download

Hanuman also appears in Mahabharata on Arjuna’s chariot as ‘dhwaj’ a kind of flag. The text is also transliterated into English, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada. Cleansing the mirror in the form of my mind with the pollen of the lotus-feet of the Guru, I describe dyusa unblemished glory of Rama, which bestows the four fruits.


He says in the last stanza of the Chalisa that whoever chants it with full devotion to Hanuman, will have Hanuman’s grace. Retrieved 10 June He is one of seven chiranjeevs immortals as per sanatan Dharma. Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission.

Datta Yoga Center USA. Karyasiddhi Hanuman Chalisa (Telugu)

Lord Hanuman is also an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Swami Karpatri considered Hanuman Chalisa to be a supreme Pramanaomnipotent and capable of fulfilling all wishes, like the Vedic Mantras.

You did Sugriva a great favour by making him meet Rama and bestowing on him the kingdom of Kishkindha. Arati Sangrah with Audio Hindi.

You assumed a frightening form and destroyed the demons [in the army of Ravana]. In the Hindi moviereleased on Septemberthere is a scene where the protagonist Arjun Dtcusa Rathod, played by Rajneesh Duggal recites the Hanuman Chalisa in full. O Hanuman, the master of senses, may you be victorious, may you be victorious, may you be victorious.