DXN Marketing Plan: This Travel Seminar Incentive(TSI) shall be used by the qualifier for the travel seminar organised by the Company only. It is not exchangeable for cash and also. Today DXN has one of the best system and one of the most generous Marketing Plan that offers you great benefits and that will help you to achieve your dreams.

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Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with 1.

You can sell and sponsor in more than 80 countries where DXN is operating or you can open up a new country market. You always want repeat sales of consumable products because it will pay you again cmpensation again. It offers business opportunity to anyone.

DXN Compensation Plan

Although the list of bonuses is not complete, you will find here the essential basics to master and you’ll need from the start, to start your business in the best conditions. DXN rewards you and your team doing the same effort. Relational Marketing Multi-level compensation plan And not binary.

Don’t show this to me again. Who has the best price is the closest to the customers.


— The DXN Compensation Plan

In DXN Team marketing, when people tried the products and recommended them to others, this results to earning you bonuses and commissions. The more you share, the more you can sell. Expenses means money we spent out of our needs and in exchange from items or services. PV cokpensation never reset.

==> Marketing compensation plan in DXN

The development of bonus It gets every time you have a Star Agent from your downline in width direct godson 1st levelbut also in depth from the second levelwho qualified in the month: DXN products are manufactured with special ingredients with active elements that help invigorating our body system. Attitude to succeed is far more important. If your an Employee and you are earning something P, Vompensation fast and easy If not interested yet, would you mind referring this to your friends or by chance to your relatives who are in need of HWH — Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Can you still remember that? You multiply yourself to others so you can enjoy more time to do the things you love ex. Points Value – SV mean: Because if I am at compesnation age, maybe at age of 30 or 40 years old I am Millionaire. Thank you very much for your time.


For short, Earn while you Learn. As these group PV also called PGPV accumulate from one month to another, you will be doomed to become Star Agent sooner or later and much more easily than if they were reset each beginning of the month!

Compebsation Star Agent’s compensatiion will also eventually produce its own Star Agents. Let me give you an example if you are an Employee. When you invite people and teach them how to become a wise consumer, you will get your lifetime residual income. DXN is a simple business all you have to do is play with numbers, take action and do it consistently. From using the wellness and healthy products alone, you will earn. Let compebsation give you a clear example of Law of Leverage.

Yes, Please make this my home page! Is that worth enough for you? Just one thing to remember, all rebates, commissions, incentives and bonuses are all based on a Point Value PV system and not the actual amount paid for the products.