DXN Marketing Plan: This Travel Seminar Incentive(TSI) shall be used by the qualifier for the travel seminar organised by the Company only. It is not exchangeable for cash and also. Today DXN has one of the best system and one of the most generous Marketing Plan that offers you great benefits and that will help you to achieve your dreams.

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Requirements to be qualified to network bonus compensation: Retail Compsnsation and Personal Bonus: You’ll have time to explore on your way to becoming Diamond Qualified Distributor.

Ideally Suited Products for all. Because if I am at your age, maybe at age of 30 comppensation 40 years old I am Millionaire. Product review by Dr. Because the moment your company fired you or they closed their business, your P, Now you will start again from the basic which is to re-apply again in another company.

Retail profit is the difference between distributor price and retail price.

One of its defining roles in the community has evolved tremendously, making it easy for everyone to think and act in a manner that promotes well being and regard for one another. Coffee grows in more than 50 countries and is the second largest export in the world paln oil in dollar value. Who compenzation the best price is the closest to the customers. The maximum amount a Star Pearl can receive as a car and housing incentive is P25, per month.

  CMD 5954 PDF

DXN Compensation Plan

We are telling our experience to the person looking for the right diet and nutrition, or maybe to the lady needing an effective product to treat her pimples on her face. Based on the purchases of all your sponsored partners plus your personal purchases, DXN will determine a standard rate for you for that month that will be your rebate for all your purchases for that month.

Develop 12 Star Agents and you become a Star Diamond. It is not exchangeable for cash and also not transferable. As you can see, you already started your business here, if you can earn from your groceries then all you need to do is to share them to your friends and relatives and let them earn from theirs too by just also Changing their Brands into Dxn products and duplicate what you did by sharing to their friends and relatives too, and so on.

Salaries and other operational expenses?

O International Standard Organization, Singapore. DXN has touched pla lives of so many people since its inception inby serving as the pioneer and market leader in Ganoderma business throughout the world. Therapeutic Goods Compenation T. All linear compensation plans that are in mlm relationship marketing work with this principle of subtraction, if your referrals would never be paid, which would be sad.


Participation in international profit: This is open to any nationality — both male and female, ages 18year old and above, regardless of their affiliations, professions and careers.

==> Marketing compensation plan in DXN

The more you learn, the more you can share. Latest posts No items to display. How can you afford all of your dreams above? The network bonus Each of: Points Value – SV mean: In other words, you begin the following month with your accumulated PV the last day of the previous month.

compeensation You multiply yourself to others so you can enjoy more time to do the things you love ex. All you have to do is to consume or retail 6 sachet of lingzhi coffee 21grms.

The Industry — Consumption Facts Coffee is the second largest commodity in the world. Because you spent 2 years in Kindergarten, 6 years in Elementary, 4 years in High School and 4 years in College.

Let me give you a clear example of Law of Leverage.