RZNC make DSP as the core control system,High-speed processing operation sports concluding continuous, step (crawl), distance, manual operation. Diagram. RZNC Connection Board. PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version With DSP technology, the increase of cut-to-length precision can be obtained as it offers well-timed The RZNC Working Video links: . Press the “Delete” key,the RZNC Controller will showing “manual state screen”(as View 2). View 2.

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It meets the needs to run part of the file for many times. Stop Pos itio n: Ea ch press ing on speed raises a grad till the highest. If it manula sa ry to cha nge it, pres s till it goes back former menu.

Then you must change your file size or operate it in an other engraving machine with bigger table size. Also the DSP controller Manual can be sent for free here, welcome to contact us. Press spindle speed if you have the and ha rd wa readjustconnected a nd got s pindle s et. Proce ss Parame ter S ett ings: Home Speed refers to that 3 axes home speed, normally Z axis home speed should be lower than that of X and Y axes.

P r e s s and to move cursor totargetfile,thes creen anddisplaythefilelineNumberandcontents. Then pres sit clews: Directly read files from U Disk; 3. Pres sto confirm and save the changes to give up thea nd it goes ba ck the f ormer menu, presschanges and goes back the former menu.


RZNC-0501 DSP Operating Manual

When we press stop, it shows “Cutting off the power to restart”. If you input a negative number, when it fin is h janual workit needs to p res s a ny button then it begin to work. Machine can run very fast manually ,which is mean all the pluse and everything is just fine yes no problem here!!

Support online adjust spindle operating frequency.

D is pla y Erro r re fers to dis pla y the wrong G code fi le, s o tha t us er ca n correct it. It goes l ike this: It refe rs to the Height tha t Z axis ca n go up. If it needs to change the value, input the va lue di rectly a nd press to save. The setting means of High speed is the same to Low speed. Win or XP 2.

Stop position is Machinery coordinate position and has nothing to do with working coordinate. I f i t needs to cha nge the va lue, input the va lue by p ress ing re la ted butt ons a nd then press to save the changes, the cursor movesto the next line till goes csp former menu.

When it finis hes a ll cha ngesp res sconfirm, the system begins to check the G code data. Then Z a xis working origin set. And many system function applications xsp on this operating, such as: New three-axis linkage motion mode mamual achieve comprehensive controlling 2. Users can switch moving modes by pressing in manual state and check the moving mode at bottom of the screen.


Manual process, Auto process and Advanced process. If the inputnumber is not correctp res sto delete the last value.

Press to move the curs or to Hom e Direc tio n item, pres sto enter the setting, it displays as following: If it is a larger file, the checking will cost time.

This mode is suitable to adjust position of machine tool. Then it displays on the screen as below: Z axis, one is on the top and the other is on the bottom.

Input S elf Ch eck re fers to the sys tem check s Input termina ls p ropert ies. Directly read files from U Instantaneous power processing system to automatically save the current processing of information.

If it does not need to cha nge, p res s to exit and dep back former menu. Identifies M code, F code and other development commands, can open a special code based on user needs.

RZNC DSP Operating Manual

Home Direction refers to which direction the axes go when it is under home process. Author Index Acharya BC Re p r e s s to save the change and it togoes ba ck the f ormer menu. Kindly do the needful.