Ethics: Criminal Statutes: 18 U.S.C. § ; Office of Government Ethics Regulations: 5 DoD Directive · DoD R (Joint Ethics Regulations). subsection Ab. of Enclosure 3 of DoD Directive of May 6, (32 C.F.R. ) and effect. All DoD Component regulations implementing these cancelled DoD. Directives, and all SCHAPTER 1. DoD R. changes to DoD R, “Joint Ethics Regulation (JER),” August DoD Component’s ethics programs for DoD employees, both civilian.

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Unless the gift is otherwise acceptable under an exception in 5 C.

R, “Joint Ethics Regulation (JER)”, 8/

See DoD travel rules e. DoD Component investigative offices shall consult local Ethics Counselors as appropriate to ensure that up-to-date expertise is applied in the investigation of each suspected violation of this Regulation in recognition of rapidly changing rules and statutes in the ethics area. Loyalty requires careful balancing among various interests, values and institutions in the interest of harmony and cohesion.

Provide sufficient resources to enable the command’s or organization’s Ethics Counselors to implement and administer the local aspects of the command’s or organization’s ethics program in a positive and effective manner. Anything that jint not fall within a gift exception or exclusion under 5 C. National Treasury Employees Union et al.

Both the act of soliciting and the act of selling as a result of soliciting are prohibited. A retired Regular officer on active duty for more than days or a Reserve officer on active joitn for more than days may not hold by election or appointment, a civil office in the 500.7-r of a State or of any political subdivision of a State if the holding of such office is prohibited by the laws of that State or etyics Secretary of Defense determines that the holding of such office interferes with the performance of duties as an officer of that armed force.

The name, position, grade, organization and entrance-on-duty or termination date of each individual assigned to the DoD Component who is required to file a new entrant or termination OGE Formimmediately upon the appointment of the individual to a position requiring filing, or upon receipt of an SF 52, “Request for Personnel Action,” Augustrequesting approval of the retirement, resignation, or removal of the individual joinf such a position.


There may be solutions that seem to resolve the problem and reach the goal but which are clearly unethical.

Government Ethics

Provide written and oral advice, counseling, and assistance to his DoD Component command or organization and to the DoD employees of his DoD Component command or organization, on all ethics matters, particularly areas covered by this Regulation and related statutes and regulations. If the Ethics Counselor concludes that the report does fulfill the requirements, he shall sign and date the report.

These pronouns include she, hers, her, and herself. If any review reveals a conflict or apparent conflict, the supervisor shall ensure that the matter is resolved in accordance with subsection Maintain a current copy of this Regulation, and all changes, for review by any DoD employee.

Part Reference o which prohibits gambling in the Pentagon. Be personally accountable for the command’s or organization’s ethics program, including its ethics and procurement integrity training program, and the command’s or organization’s uoint with every requirement of this Regulation. An officer described in subparagraph a may seek and hold nonpartisan civil office on an independent school board that is located exclusively on a military installation.

Acceptance from Non-Federal Sources Individual waivers are to be considered only when all alternatives have been exhausted. Pending regualtion approval of the waiver, the DoD employee shall be disqualified from participation in the particular matter that will have an effect on the financial interest. By this time, some feasible solutions will have presented themselves. The travel approving authorities for travel of regulwtion spouse accompanying a DoD employee on official revulation that is paid ehtics or provided in kind by a non-Federal source are as follows:.

In order to pursue an individual waiver under 18 U.

Any such authorization shall be in writing, and shall identify the particular employee to participate, specify the capacity in which that employee shall participate, and identify the entity. DoD employees or their spouses shall not accept cash payments on behalf of the Federal Government. The posting of an advertisement in accordance with Federal Government building management policies does not constitute solicitation for purposes of this subsection. Combined Federal Campaign E.

A reporting individual except a special Government employee who was employed at least 61 days during the preceding reporting period must submit an SF OGE FormAppendix C do this Regulation, to his Ethics Counselor by November 30 February 15 of each year covering the preceding 12 months calendar year or any portion thereof not covered by a new entrant reportwith information current as of September 30 December 31 of that the preceding year.

  6ES5 103-8MA02 PDF

Private use ethhics public money 18 U. Upon receipt of an OGE Formthe supervisor of the reporting individual shall provide an initial review of the report using the criteria set forth in subsection Ensure the prompt resolution of any actual or apparent conflict of interest involving a DoD employee of the command or organization; e. American Registry of Pathology 10 U.

Except in unusual situations, which must be documented fully to the satisfaction of the Ethics Counselor, remedial action shall be completed within 90 days from the date the reporting individual was notified that the action is eghics. The DAEOs of the Military Departments, or designees, shall ensure that new active duty enlisted members of the Armed Services shall receive, within days of entering on active duty, initial ethics training that is substantially equivalent to an IEO.

DOD 5500.07-R, The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER), including Changes 1-7.

Aiding, abetting, counseling, commanding, inducing, or procuring another to commit a crime under any criminal statute 18 U. Support all aspects of the ethics program of the DoD Component; c. Review financial disclosure reports in accordance with Chapter 7 of this Regulation.

For gifts with an aggregate market value in excess of “minimal value,” as adjusted by the General Services Administration in accordance with 41 C. Commanders, or their designees, shall screen Reservists performing training to ensure that no actual or apparent conflict exists between their private interests and their duty assignment. Designation of Certifying Official. In public service, competence is only the starting point. Assignment of Reserves for Training