Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Do Butlers Burgle Banks – P G Wodehouse Can you believe that I’ve gotten this the criminals here are not the hardened sort, and the idea of robbing a bank in . Cover of: Do Butlers Burgle Banks. November 5, , Penguin (Non-Classics). Do Butlers Burgle Banks. Paperback in English – New Ed.

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He made his first trip to America in and by was coming regularly.

Wodehouse had published his first book by The talks themselves were completely innocuous, but gurgle response back home was betrayed. But there were several jarring moments where I suddenly remembered that this book was actually published in He appears only briefly here and burge in the story. Even absent any of his recurring characters, Wodehouse can work wonders– bringing his typically word-perfect wit and economy to a burglary caper that’s got one hilarious mix-up after another.

But the storyline becomes a little unbelievable towards the end, even for a Wodehouse novel, and bbutlers book barely salvages it. Pelham Grenville Wodehouse Snippet view – Return to Book Page. The style is Wodehouse’s classic, the story telling is what we’re used to from the author, but beats me how it still stands out. A young man who is informed by his butler that he, the butler, is burgling a bank and that his, the young man’s, secretary is locked up in the sage and on proceeding to the bank finds there the girl he is to marry apparently playing a part in these peculiar goings-on may be excused for being a little bewi “Mike, like Othello, was perplexed in the extreme.


Jan 04, Stephan Benzkofer rated it liked it.

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Feb 26, Kathy rated it liked it. Great fun reading this book, love the characters of Horace, Ada, and Jill, the best.

Not Wodehouse’s best, but a pleasant read. It works in the book. Surprise enjoyment for this novel is about what I had for the movie just mentioned. Fortunately for him, Horace Appleby, currently posing as his butler, is on hand to oblige. Ban,s didn’t start with very high expectations for this book.

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He obtains a job as a butler at Bond Hall in order to plan his biggest heist yet: The premise is simple, or at least that simple kind of complicated at which Wodehouse excels. The secretary and the love interest of Mr.

Wodehouse I devoured every book I could find in the local library, throughout the eighties and early nineties. The style of narration is the author’s typical – flawless language and inimitable humour – and is a quick read. Become a LibraryThing Author.



Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Bring On the Girls! And then where you have burglary and gunmen, there are cops as well. For Horace is, in fact, not a butler at all but the best sort of gangster, prudently concealing himself in an English country house while hiding from his rivals.

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I’m sure that through this great site I will joyfully find at least a few I have not read, and be able to track them down.

Want to Read saving…. Do butlers burgle banks? However, that’s before he meets the lovely Ada, Mike’s secretary and before Mike’s Horrace Appleby is the brains behind a criminal organization known as the Appleby Gang. If butlers can rob banks, your maid will definitely not have any qualms about flinching some money from your wallet. Like most of Wodehouse’s later works, the flesh is a little more bare on the bones, compared to his earlier prose, but for fans this is well worth a read.