A chilling novel about the nightmare of a corrupt and brutal dictatorship. The star of Roberto Bolano’s hair-raising novel Distant Star is Alberto Ruiz-Tagle, an air. The star of Roberto Bolaño’s hair-raising novel Distant Star is Alberto Ruiz-Tagle, an air force pilot who exploits the coup to launch his own version of the. The star of Roberto Bolano’s hair-raising novel Distant Star is Alberto Ruiz-Tagle, an air force pilot who exploits the coup to launch his own version of the.

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Pinochet calmed certain deep, dark neuroses in Chilean society, and he continues to exercise influence in the country, both as a political icon and as a kind of bogeyman of contemporary history.

Distant Star – US. It had such an effect on me. This is one hell of a development if that’s what it is. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Distant Star

Distant Star – UK. What they discover is the opposite of what they had been expecting: I like to think that inas he wrote Distant Starhe also knew that he was finding his way into an enormous and singular territory, and that, as a writer, he would not have to start over.

Distant Star is full of these parallel lives or “doubles” – a Borgesian motif – as the narrator imagines the lives of his former friends and fellow poets in exile, and the ghosts of the “disappeared”.

I may not have been as forgiving had I not previously engaged with The Savage Detectivesbut that’s where the beauty of the “themes done to seeming death” comes in: Please note that these ratings solely disfant the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views distanr the reviewers.


Distant Star was written very quickly. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Distant Star First edition Spanish. A poet is oblano into the Chilean air force and starts a new literary movement by writing poems in the sky above the Andes mountains It’s great stuff, with some wonderful invention, but it often feels more like dazzling display than furthering any aspect of the narrative.

Written on the sky – Telegraph

Throughout this short novel, he appears and disappears, and there are sightings in unusual places such as a prison for political dissidents. As he wanders, he hears more of Ruiz-Tagle, who now calls himself Carlos Wieder and has re-invented himself as an officer in the Chilean airforce. In a number of unpublished novels were discovered among the author’s papers. Selected pages Title Page. In rapid succession, he published a series of critically acclaimed works, the most important of which are the novel Los detectives salvajes The Savage Detectivesthe novella Nocturno de Chile By Night In Chileand, posthumously, the novel The complete review ‘s Review:.

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Distant Star by Roberto Bolaño

The narrator first encounters him in a college poetry workshop, where he is enamored of the beautiful Garmendia twins, Veronica and Angelica, yet the xistant only have eyes for Ruiz-Tagle. He is continuing his distanr career, however, using the small planes he pilots to write messages in the skies over Chile, combining violent and patriotic slogans in a way reminiscent of the Italian Futurists.

Before dying of AIDS, Lorenzo achieves notoriety as the incarnation of Petra, a cartoon character who served as the mascot of the Barcelona Paralympics.

His destiny is suddenly reconnected with that of Wieder when a Chilean private detective turns up at his home in Spain. The generals and their wives think these aerial stunts are wonderfully entertaining, but Wieder’s professed ambition is to inaugurate a new, populist poetry of “barbarism”, which abandons old literatures and flies into the glorious future.


I must applaud it for sheer inventiveness and bits of it definitely precurse certain parts of Pero cuando empieza a ser tan reconocido muere. It is not a narrative that is linear or easy to follow.

The Best Bolano Book is ‘Distant Star’

The detective does what he has been hired to do, and the two men walk away into the night. El tiempo, por ejemplo.

Porque cuando se pone chileno se pone muy muy chileno. Add your preferred email address and password to your account. Friends and acquaintances disappear or are disappeared. You forgot your password and you need to retrieve it.

Views Read Edit View history. When not torturing Trotskyists, he wears the uniform of the Chilean air force and pilots an old Messerschmitt – with which disyant writes stirring poetic phrases in the sky.

While fictionalizing his scenarios and characters, with hindsight we boolano recognize many aspects not only of the reality of the time but also as experienced in other comparable totalitarian regimes.

It is also full of a strange kind of gallows humour, as we are swept along by stories that are invented and presented entirely convincingly, only to be suddenly brought up short by a reminder that this has not been done innocently.

Ruiz-Tagle, meanwhile, reappears under his real name, Carlos Wieder, as a daring air force pilot who writes his poems in smoke in the skies of Chile, and makes a sensational impression as a photographer.