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DIN Blind Flanges. PN6. PN DIN. No. of holes. D b k d2. KG. D b k d2. KG. 4. 4. Buy DIN () Weld Flanges For Pressure Vessels And Process Apparatus Of Stainless Steel from SAI Global. Buy DIN WELD FLANGES FOR PRESSURE VESSELS AND PROCESS APPARATUS OF STAINLESS STEEL from SAI Global.

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The owners of third-party links shown on this website are solely responsible for the content of their website. Buy The material data base of the program comprises the physical di mechanical properties of more than 3.

Flange joints for process vessels – Weld flanges for pressure vessels

The ring is supported on a number of uniformly distributed local supports or on a continuous support over the entire periphery of the ring. The EN 13 module package consists of 3 modules for U-tube tubesheet, fixed tubesheet and floating tubesheet heat exchangers according chapter 13 of EN At the moment our database contains more than standardized flanges and more thas gaskets.

Buy Alternative method for the design of flanges and flanged connections per EN Annex G Integration of several flange and gasket codes.

The program performs the proof of the load limit between the saddle support as well as at the saddle support according chapters The calculation considers only loading caused by internal overpressure. Gasket wizard Top and bottom flange with gasket. This applies also for other cyclic loads, e. Alternative method for the design of heat exchanger tubesheets per EN Annex J Alternative to chapter 13 The method applies to heat exchangers of the following types: Design of bolted domed ends, with either full face or rin face gaskets, and with the dome either convex or concave to pressure.


Flange joints for process vessels – Weld flanges for pressure vessels.

The modifications of the test pressure due to the hydrostatic pressure is also specified in the regulation. Please contact us, to get to know more about our current development status and the availability of flangeValid System Designer. Screw wizard Top don bottom flange with gasket and screw. Please note that the selected standard is invalid.

The rings are supported by saddles or legs or otherwise. However it is permitted to take non-pressure cyclic loads into account under consideration of the rules and dib of the standard. The requirements are based on conservative assumptions.

Flat ends per EN chapter 10 Calculations for determining the thickness of circular and non-circular unstayed 288036 ends under pressure and for providing adequate reinforcement for openings fitted in such ends. Subscribe on standards – Read more. The EN and EN programs cover the calculation rules and proofs demanded by the according chapter of the code.

Design of horizontal cylindrical shells with stiffening rings, welded to the inside or outside of the shell. SS-EN Pressure equipment made from borosilicate glass 3. The results of any database query may be listed or single objects may even be displayed as 3D objects. Local loads due to lifting lugs at cylindrical shells and domed heads per EN chapter Fatigue life package – similar to AD section S1 and S2. DIN EN section The program is divided into 3 calculation sections: More precise, less conservative results will usually be obtained by application of the EN 18 module.


The nozzles may be with or without reinforcement, vertical, oblique, offset or tangential. Heat exchanger tubesheets per EN chapter 13 The EN 13 module package consists of 3 modules for U-tube tubesheet, fixed tubesheet and floating tubesheet heat exchangers according chapter 13 of EN Message to your colleague.

European flanges

Vertical vessels with skirts per EN chapter 280366 wizard Creating a complete flange joint within seconds. Design of circular, elliptical or obround openings in dished ends or cylindrical, spherical and conical shells.

Shells under global loads per EN chapter The three dimensional representation is true to scale to make sure that any dimension errors are immediately noticeable.