Prepare for a hell of a ride as Cynthia Leitich Smith calls on characters from her previous novels — and conjures up new ones — for a climactic showdown. A werewolf, a guardian angel and a former vampire princess take turns narrating the fourth in this smart, playful series that began with Tantalize. Prepare for a hell of a ride as Cynthia Leitich Smith calls on characters from her previous novels – and conjures up new ones – for a climactic showdown.

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A member of the Muscogee Creek Nationshe writes fiction for children centered on the lives of modern-day American Indians. My primary frustration, which I did not expect to come so fiercely into play as I opened the book, was the overt presence of an afterlife. Now, they have elitich time communicating and getting to know each other so there’s more of a friendship there. This was one super fun book.

So I gave this book away last month, but I haven’t properly reviewed it because I was mid-reading it at the time. Can’t wait to read more of Ms. Well, head off the to academy with his protectee, Quincie, and leitcih wolf-man, Kieran in tow. It wasn’t enough to make me dislike the book just cringe a little every time they used it.

Feb 12, Pages Young Adult Buy. I must admit I was a little sad for him from the moment he appeared on the page until the very end.


We are also introduced to a few new characters that the readers will come to love, as they do the original cast. Worse yet, could this whole setup have been a trap to get Zachary to become a fallen angel?

Miranda gets word to Zachary what Lucy is up to and begs diiabolical him to rescue her.

Author Interview: Cynthia Leitich Smith on writing a series

Each character confronts in some form choices from the past. It was also a fascinating experience to write scenes literally set in heaven and msith. Okay, I want to end my review with something more positive, so I’ll go back to the beginning of the book again.

She also got to meet the soul of some of the people she killed as a vamp and make amends.

Cynsations: Tantalize Series

Get personalized copies through BookPeople. Also the residence of the Penultimate have Monitor-coms machines they can use to watch their loved ones on earth. Familiar characters as well as plenty of interesting new ones to be found in the latest book of this series. It was also named to the Texas 2 x 2 List. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Oct 07, Sallysmurf rated it really liked it.

I love Zachary and Kieran. Miranda is Zachary’s true love and she is in a sort of heavenly limbo–reconciling herself with the evils that she did as a vampire queen. I liked the characters; they were given enough personality to be believable. See all books by Cynthia Leitich Smith. Or in other words, each can stand alone, but they do build on one another toward the fiery, heaven vs. Also, I received this through NetGalley as an advanced read. Hardcoverpages.


There are simply too many of them to fully keep track of or to develop. Jan 30, JeanBookNerd rated it really liked it Shelves: Yes, this was diabolically good! Well, for the first time in the main series. If you can get over the lack of stakes, the main plot aka the stuff to fill time before everyone unveils their eternal souls deals with a demonic school, one at Hell’s Gate, where students, not entirely knowing what they are getting into, are conscripted, trapped, and taught the ways of the Dark One.

I have read all 4 books in the Dixbolical series, but this is my first review. Yes, Zachary was once an angel.

Diabolical by Cynthia Leitich Smith | : Books

The capers the classmates get into and the classmates themselves provide the same amount of color as a brick. I smithh what it lacks, a sense of stakes, is not something I know how to give it without stripping it of what makes it unique. So when word comes down that his girlfriend’s bestie is in danger, he doesn’t hesitate to break all the rules.