Unfortunately the performance of DansGuardian/Squid when first .. for rebuilding DansGuardian, see question Usage#11c in the Wiki FAQ. DansGuardian is an award winning Open Source web content filter which currently runs on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X. DansGuardian is an award winning Open Source web content filter which DansGuardian is excellent at filtering pages from the Internet as it . Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License or later.

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Simply find all the. Include lines to the various Remember that when DansGuardian can’t figure out which group to associate a request with, it defaults that request to group …f1… So if you have a filtered and an unfiltered group, you probably want the filtered group to be …f1… and the unfiltered group to be …f2…, as if the groups were the other way around a new user or a program error would dump requests into the unfiltered group probably not what you want.

This will make it so the only requests logged are the ones that are blocked. Sometimes a web site may get blocked when it shouldn’t have been, other times something might slip through that should have been blocked.

A second possibility is to use a tool supplied by Microsoft possibly one executing on a different computer, which opens up additional security issues. If so, go back and check your work.


You may for example decide that having host names in the DansGuardian log is worth the performance penalty. The performance of a DansGuardian system can be so good the filtering isn’t even detectable by users. Here are some options: Select your SME groups on the server-manager dansguardian panel with ncsa use the proxy-user panel You can also make PC’s banned or unfiltered by adding their IP address to the panel.

Although the exact configuration of traffic shaping is outside the scope of this document, here’s an example of the relevant lines from the Shorewall tcrules file: At Branch District Library we added all the major web mail providers to exceptionsitelist so that emails would never get blocked, for example. If you have solved a problem with DansGuardian, please help others by contributing.


The following blacklists are either limited in scope or are not actively maintained. Since we are not locking things down tightly like a corporate environment might, you’ll probably want to comment out every line here. These measures do more than just prevent illicit use; they also interfere with several useful troubleshooting techniques. All users not explicitly listed default to filter1.

downloadable_blacklists | DansGuardian Documentation Wiki

Once all the parts are up, we can now test things. License and Copyright – link to DansGuardian site. Affects a user when the proxy access method is set to Pam Auth, see the next section for details, This is set by selecting a SME group. If you choose to use or trial the lists from blacklist. Where to get it. This is not true; no placeholder blacklist files are necessary. But eliminating skipping may not be automatic dansguarrian either case, and some instructions are a little misleading about configuring a DansGuardian system so it can’t documentatikn skipped.

Note this convenience is wildly insecure. Privoxy can be customized by users, for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks.

Filtering of web content is performed by the DansGuardian program. Added inteligent list managing so that if different filter groups use the same file they will share one copy of dansguardjan.

group_configuration | DansGuardian Documentation Wiki

Exponential Match Regular Expressions. While checking the contents of a page will block or allow if these phrases are found.

A word from the Dan behind DansGuardian, Please read http: However extreme mismatches between your …children parameters and your usage pattern can have a noticeable performance impact. Here we assume DansGuardian is using ‘squid’ for its back-end proxy.

The grey lists override the banned lists. Corresponding categories but spelled differently. When a page is blocked the denied usage screen is displayed. The override bypass link is shown if the user is authenticated, the reporting level is set to report details and the bypass link is enabled in the filtergroup. But don’t do this if other applications share the same disk partition, as some applications [obviously not Squid] do not work correctly with this mount parameter.


Using A “debug” Version. Maximum Size of file allowed to be uploaded default is -1 no restrictions or enter a size in kb’s eg. One way to keep track of which list file belongs to which filtergroup is to name the list files accordingly. Either usernames or unchanging probably static IP addresses can be assigned to groups.

This is where you can force an entire web site to be blocked.

Your observer class which as the update method defined accepts a log as it’s sole argument. Being listed does not infer that the site is bad – these are just lists of sites.

One windows ident client is available from: The limitation of maxchildren is built in actually it’s a restriction of the select system call and the Posix standard and can’t be changed easily.

After you have configured the number of filter groups, you need to configure which users are assigned to which filter group configuration. Note, dansvuardian can be bypassed by the user entering in their browser.

Your ISP dansgkardian name servers usually have the significant advantage of being very few hops away, thus providing excellent name service even when they’re not particularly fast.

We have had to manually add blocks to pages for Arabic- and Russian-language porn that made it through the filter.