Security Advisement (B01 BETA01) Upgrade Instructions; 12/07/16 Quick Install Guide () Upgrade Instructions; 07/01/15; Download; Release Notes. D-Link DSL B. Wireless this guide we’ll take you through the setup, don’t let all the wires . clicking the Advanced link at the top of the router setup page. Login to Dlink DSLB Router · Change your Dlink DSLB IP Address · Dlink DSLB Port Forwarding Instructions · Setup DNS for your Dlink DSL-.

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If selected, you will be asked to enter the static IP address. To proceed, click on Add. To continue, click on the Next button.

Page 59 High network traffic areas should select Short preamble type. To create a QoS entry, click the Add QoS Entry button to proceed to add or remove traffic class rules for your network. Don’t show me this message again. System log when log is enabled. Enter your user name and password, and then click OK to display the user interface.

Enter one primary and one secondary DNS address in each field.

D-link DSL-2640B User Manual

Wireless–bridge Enabled scan only those bridges whose Address: Put a name for this forward in the Custom Server box so that you can remember why you set this forward up.

Click on the Add button to add incoming filter settings. Enter a start and end blocking time. An Infrastructure network contains an Access Point or wireless router. Create a port forward entry. Time Internet time servers checkbox.


All the wireless devices, or clients, will connect to the wireless router or access point. Click the Admin button to change the routers account passwords. Then turn on and boot up your PC and any LAN devices, such as hubs or switches, and any computers connected to them. Page 38 The following screen appears after you save your selection. This is either the IP address of a computer or the IP address of another device on your network.

D-Link Technical Support

Now that you have forwarded ports on the Dlink DSLB v3 you should test to see if 2640g ports are forwarded correctly. Click on the Add button to configure a virtual server.

This figure shows the Virtual Servers Setup page that allows you to configure your virtual server s. All events above or equal to the selected manuwl level 2640bb be logged and displayed. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click Apply once. A Beacon is a packet of information that is sent from a connected device to all other devices where it announces its availability and readiness.

This feature is useful if you have changed the configuration on the router, but would like to revert to a previous configuration. Open up your web browser and find the address bar. Click the Services button to configure what services are allowed to pass through the router. Click the Add button. A rule consists of a traffic class name and at least one condition.

Page 87 Who uses wireless? You will nanual to know the wireless network name SSID to connect any wireless computers on your network to your router. Here’s how you do it.

Our software does everything that you need to forward a port. This will return you to the previous screen where you can enable access control. Click on Reset Statistics to reset the values.


Page 3 WAN Info You can configure the Quality of Service to apply different priorities to traffic on the router. Enter a MAC address of a computer on your network and click Apply.

In the picture above the address bar has Update Settings Restore Default Settings will delete all d-llnk settings and restore the router to factory default settings. Click on the Add button to add outgoing filter settings. This should open the login page for your the web management. Close the DSL Configuration window and wait at least two minutes before reopening your web browser.

The following pop-up screen will appear with a prompt to open or save the file to your computer. It usually does not matter which browser you choose to use. When complete, click Apply. Trusted Ca Click Import Certificate to continue to the next screen.

To add another filter click Add. The router automatically recognizes the type of connection that is required. Enter text from picture: Using a D-Link Cardbus Adapter with your laptop, you can access the hotspot d-lin connect to Internet from remote locations like: The following confirmation dialog will appear confirming your decision to restore default settings.

Front Panel View A solid light indicates a connection to an wireless is operational.