Voilà j’ai un script prévu pour fonctionner en php4, or mon hébergeur N’oubliez pas de consulter les FAQ PHP et les cours et tutoriels PHP. (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7). date — Formate une date/heure locale. Description ¶. string date (string $format [, int $timestamp = time() ]). Retourne une date sous. (PHP 4 >= , PHP 5, PHP 7). $_SERVER PHP_SELF ‘: Le nom du fichier du script en cours d’exécution, par rapport à la racine web. Par exemple.

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Edit Report a Bug. Select the format of the fetched row VI-Ab. Hey guys, I by far have very little experience.

If the browser sends an HTTP request header of: If you apply redirection in ALL your requests using commands at the Apache virtual host file like: This means that at a particular point in time, this function will return the same value in the US, Europe, India, Japan, To make a test, create a file called server. Fri, 15 Jan Don’t know if this is true from other environments.

This is pup4 URL rewrites i. You may find the differences to be quite striking, in all, four different ways to run the same PHP file! I needed to get the full base directory of my script local to my webserver, IIS 7 on Windows Here’s a simple, quick but effective way to block unwanted external visitors to your local server: Note that some formatting options are different from MySQL.


Fetch rows by number VI-Ad. Rather than using mktime and a loop, James can subtract the current timestamp from the timestamp of the date in question and divide that by the number of seconds in a day: To perform a query against a database you have to use the function courzthat takes the query string as an argument. Also important as a pho4 risk as a possible point of injection.

Database backend used in PHP i.

How do I go about? Mois, textuel, version longue; en anglais, comme January ou December. I created a gist here https: If you want to output as UTC time php In many places, some days have only 82, seconds and some have 90, Here’s my solution for looking up the month number by name used when parsing an ‘ls’: On a few cousr servers e.

Symbolic links are not pre-resolved, use PHP’s ‘realpath’ function if you need it resolved. On POST-requests these are available in addition to those listed above. Guide to URL paths Tenuous emulated to contain just the exact call path of the CLI script, with whatever exotic relative pathname you may call with, not made absolute and not normalised or pre-resolved Data: May or may not have symbolic links pre-resolved, use PHP’s ‘realpath’ function if you need it resolved.

Getting more information from query ph4.

PHP: $_SERVER – Manual

I saw the following as an example of the proper way we’re supposed to deal with this issue: The function could certainly be made much more powerful, to allow you to set different days to be ignored e. Get the absolute path to the web server’s document root.


It is recommended to finish the result set after processing in order to to save memory. This is totally perspective clear ideas. The following function will return the date on the Gregorian calendar for Orthodox Easter Pascha. Depending on what you want to do the content of this variable, put in On or Off. It’s called Daylight Saving. Exemple 3 Exemple avec date et mktime.

If you have a problem with the different time zone, this is the solution for that. Occasionally, there are even fewer or even more.

PHP Version 4.2.2

I am glad and wonder about the topic creation. Fetch — Fetching rows from the query VI-A Notez que certains, n’auront pas de sens si vous utilisez PHP en ligne de commande. Looks like date ‘u’ is not microseconds, but is positive difference from rest part.

A way to get the absolute path of your page, independent from the site position so works both on local machine and on server without setting anything and from the server OS works both on Unix systems and Windows systems. Day 1 of next week is 03 Oct Today is Sun 2 Octday 7 of this week. In order to define leap year you must considre not only that year can be divide by 4! It’s not in the list of “special” variables here: