: Conan: Ruins of Hyboria () by Vincent Darlage and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now. The Hyborian Age is the fictional period within the artificial mythology created by Robert E. Howard in which the sword and sorcery tales of Conan the Barbarian are set. .. The name comes from Great Zimbabwe, a ruined fortified town in Rhodesia, first built around the 11th century and used as the capital of the. It was finally overthrown by the Hyborian tribes of the west. (Conan and the Emerald Lotus); City of Brass: A ruined, ancient city that lies in the desert of eastern.

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It is rumored to appear only once every century, and to be the resting-place of an incredible artifact, a statue called the “Grim, Grey God”. Meanwhile, the west coast of Africa on his map lies beneath the sea.

They discovered the region to be safe, but covered with conqn and already inhabited by a race of vicious apes. Often, the new invaders would wipe away the defenders before absorbing them, resulting in a tangled web of Hyborian tribes and nations with varying ancestral elements within their bloodlines. The name is derived from the Greek legends of a northern people who lived in perpetual mist and ruin near the Land of the Dead.

Hyborian Age

The Pelishti city of Asgalun derives its name from Ashkelon. The original meaning may have been “wolf land”.

In changing the name to Darfar, Howard unwittingly changed the Arabic meaning to “the abode of mice”. Most of the tribes still relied on hunting for their nourishment. He had traveled past the Arctic Hyborja and returned with news that their old adversaries, the apes, were never annihilated.


Hyborian Age – Wikipedia

A cross between the Roman Empire and Carolingian Empire. White marble walls and huge brass gates protected Nithia, nine days travel from the nearest city. A combination of Poitou and Aquitainetwo regions in southwestern France. The Hyborian Age is the fictional period within the artificial mythology created by Robert E. Beneath this stronghold lies the treasure of Python, the ancient Acheronian capital. This was a mythical place far to the north that was not cold and where rujns did not age.

Persian name for Turkestan.

The Hyborian Age was devised by author Robert E. It was situated on the Dnieper riverbelow the Dnieper rapids porohy, poroz.

It was here that he created a living flower-fungus hybrid, the green lotus. The city was built by Acheronian refugees on the ruins of a prehistoric snakeman city. Ring of Ikribu Khet: Stories, books Books Conan books.

I also like to draw and read. The continental homelands of the Angles and Saxons who invaded Great Britain, which is the origin of the name. Then it turns and runs westward through Shem, following the historical Mediterranean Seafinally emptying into the western ocean. An ancient power, ruinz to be contemporaneous with Acheron.

A much later movement of Lemurian peoples out of the deserts gyboria steppes of the Far East gave rise to the Hyrkanians. From the 10th to the midth century, the counts of Poitou were also the dukes of Aquitaine. A great city of Acheron, it stood upon the foothills of the Border Range on the Aquilonian side.


The people of Khitai are yellow-skinned and of medium height. Vertical stone walls lie along uyboria road and these are covered with pre-Pythonic hieroglyphs and pre-human carvings.

My favorite authors include Robert E. Review in Black Gate Howard and Erle Stanley Gardner. FinlandRussiaand the Baltic countries Hyperborea. The Nilewhich he renamed the River Styxtakes a westward turn at right angles just beyond the Nile Deltaplowing through the mountains so as to be able to reach the Straits of Gibraltar. Uttara Kuru is not an original Hyborian Age country. A bleak hybroia of salt, located in west-central Corinthia.

Zingara is also Italian for “Gypsy woman”; this may mean that Howard mixed up the source names of Zingara and Zamora, with Zingara originally meant to apply to the Roma kingdom, and Rjins to the Spanish kingdom.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hyborians, Picts, and the unnamed kin of the Shemites would merge into a nation calling themselves Zingarans. Views Read Edit View history.

Howard’s Hyperborea is described as the first Hyborian kingdom, “which had its beginning in a crude fortress of boulders heaped to repel tribal attack”. The city of Khawarizm takes its name from Khwarezmand Khorusun from Khorasan. It may also be a reference to the Alemanni. From the medieval Uttara Kuru Kingdom in the north and central reaches of Pakistan.