these monologues will give you a lot to work with. Written by author Starring on Bay Street – a novel by Jan Peterson Ewen – “Heart-warming and Humorous”. The following skits are contained in download above. Canoe is a quick, humorous look at not giving God the glory when he answers our prayers. Church growth. Monologues suitable for men and women. The Medieval Traffic Warden A short, comic monologue or speech, as the traffic warden hands out a rather large fine.

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An extension of my multi-award-winning play VD. How to write a ten minute play, performed as a ten minute play. She makes his sun rise.

Plays For synopses and further info on each of these monologufs, click here. Darling Brown wants to know why her parents gave her such a ridiculous first name.

Funny Monologues

A full length play satirising modern life. Theo Carter tried his best to do the right thing by his fellow man, but he suffers from an acute lack of human empathy and a few years back he just stopped trying. A spam coach works with his contracted staff to compose the filtype spam email. A 10 minute play.

Female Comedy Monologues Archives – Monologue Blogger

A one act play. Sir Edmund Hillary is on the rise. Molly, an unannounced visitor and committed fan of Margot and her work, offers a fildtype solution – until Molly produces a gun and calmly informs Margot that she intends to kill her because she blames her for warping her mother’s mind and ruining her life with her hit book The Cerebral Vagina. What happens when your parents start acting like mmonologues I’m also slightly reluctant to post material which could get my sued by irrational zealots.


Gordon’s life is filled with noise. They really need to nail her. A 10 min monologue about a young girl trying to go viral online. Each event is more unexpected than the last. Downloads This page contains many samples of my work, including the majority of my plays, samples of my writing and music from my old band Flow. Stars And Science – 10 mins 1 male, 1 female Comedy.

Dane meets Madeleine, the love of his life, in a ThyssenKrupp elevator. Dave is the last man on Earth and he has blue balls.

My Name Is Steve. Chilled out, funky pop song. Written permission must be obtained before these files can comery copied, distributed or used in any way other than personal viewing, reading or listening.

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An everyday married man becomes obsessed with a stranger he met in a gay bar. Going out to buy chocolate with severe social anxiety.


Sally is in a coma. See this page for more cojedy So when Foster laughs at him in English, he’s put himself in a world of bad. Sensation – 10 mins 1 female Comedy, Monologue. They discover the only way to escape is to escape reality.

Corinne works for Coles, a robot being phased out by other robots. What happens when a goon kills the hero?

Steve has an addictive personality. His cup’s so full it’s empty. Marky Masonic, a stand up comedian, comes under fire when he makes some tasteless jokes about ladyboys and an unattractive woman. A man was stuck in Groundhog’s Day right up until he did his very best to be very bad. What if a really important event in history went down differently? Joanna Murray-Smith’s deliciously wicked comedy deftly walks the tightrope between satire and farce proving the female of the species is not only deadlier, but funnier than the male.

Lane Cove Theatre Company. Dale rescues Cara from her abusive father, but at the expense of her freedom.