We just had a new client start using our site and when they upload their TIFF files to us and my system tries to convert them to a PDF I receive. TIFF to PDF. leontova. Aug 7, PM 3. Hi all. Just wanted to know if CF8 can convert a TIFF file to a PDF on the fly. Thanks for your help! Answer this. I am having trouble getting the cfdocument tag to work with our document management tif files. The documents are stored on another server, but I can open them.

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You can control the thickness of the border and its color. Unless you are saying to just physically change the the eps to an image file and the answer would still be no, changing the postfix doesn’t change the file type. Convert them to what format? You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

I think they may have created a thread already? The following example shows how to set the thickness and color of a border:. In reply to this post by coderWil No You guys need to understand that that cfimage is meant to work with images, hence the “image” part of the name cooldfusion and eps IS NOT an image, so if it is not an image how can it read it?


Adam, Yes, fileExists returned ‘true’. ColdFusion supports the following default image formats on Macintosh, Windows, and Unix operating systems:.

Convert tif/tiff files | Adobe Community

In reply to this post by Dave Lyons-2 I have been watching an I am curious. I ran the function “GetReadableImageFormats ” on my server to what the server could read and.

Let SoftEx BackOffice help you.

Getting cfimage to read. I think my best course of action is to explain to my Client about. It might be a bug.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. This gets me very close to the exact duplicate of my TIF image, but for some reason the image is reduced by like 5 pixels on the width, and I cannot figure out why. This is what my server can read: Did you read those?

When you resize an image, if you coldtusion a value for the width, you can let ColdFusion calculate the aspect ratio by specifying “” as the height. Mark On Thu, Oct 16, at You can specify both. The value must be an integer.

If specified, the value must be an integer.


Cold Fusion – Technical – Getting cfimage to read .eps file

You cannot display a GIF image in a browser. Email Required, but never shown. An eps file is not an image file, it’s an encapsulated postscript file:: They coldfuskon that since it was possible to do it, that they would support the customer who requested it. Correct Answers – 10 points.

Getting cfimage to read .eps file

So it’s a Railo problem. They know how to take care of the ‘busy work’ of your contracts and let you focus on the ‘WOW’ factor. Create the directories in the path before you specify the file. If the file types isn’t in the supported types then it isn’t supported, it:: Also, image quality can degrade; for example, PNG images support bit color, but GIF images support only colors.

Personally I prefer to teach the uninitiated rather than divert the river for them, but its not my company or my call.