The Tzimisce are a clan of scholars and flesh-shapers. Contents[show] Overview If one were to described a Tzimisce as inhuman and sadistic, it would probably. Clan Tzimisce is a major villainous bloodline in the White Wolf Studio RPG Vampire: The Masquerade and its larger franchise, “The World Of Darkness”. One of. The Tzimisce are the most overtly monstrous and least pronounceable clan in Vampire: The Masquerade (Unless you are Greek, it’s the name.

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Tz as it source and that book says nothing about the Dracons neglecting Visiccitude.

I’m inclined to think that Koldunism isn’t tied to Tzimisce per se, obviously tied to Kupala instead, so essentially did the Old Clan just favor one evil over another by choosing to develop Koldunic Sorcery over Vicissitude, any thoughts on this? Removing a Tzimisce from the ability to spend her slumber in the earthen humors to which she was born makes her irritable to say the least, and the condition of her demeanor is probably the least troublesome aspect anyone who encounters her will have to deal with.

Because the eternal youth of House Tremere’s upper echelons was owed to potions that would be ineffectual without magic, the mages were immediately consumed by fear of aging and death.

Surprisingly, Tzimisce havens, or “manses,” are not necessarily comfortable or well-kept in the manner of Ventrue or Toreador dwellings. And while idolizing this Dracon character and possible the Antediluvianthey don’t want in on the Sabbat group activities. When it is tipped over, the others will see, and thank us. The events of the Embrace itself are shrouded in myth, the most persistent of which claims that it occurred at the hands of a Second-Generation vampire known as Ynosh the Lawgiver: Indeed, younger Tzimisce have refined the art of tzimksce mutilation into games in order to test their abilities and impress their fellow Sabbat; “Pin The Tail On The Lackey” has become immensely popular with antitribu audiences, allowing novice fleshcrafters to show off their skill in Vicissitude by seeing just what kind of distortions they can inflict upon a stable of five ghouls within a time limit of fifteen minutes.


VtM – WhiteWolf: Genealogy — Tzimisce

Augustus has made or learn from an exterior source like Pleiades mention, new power made in clan by his will alone and he has made these power part of the Path that are in-clan path, and it could be argued that Mortis could be learn as an in-clan discipline, for the Giovanni are still Cappadocian at the end of the day, yet, with the rules and the setting I would still be tziisce to rule otherwise as a storyteller and to have the Giovanni learn Mortis as an Out of Clan discipline.


A tzimisce is equally as likely – more so, in fact – to have more concerns in the city than in the lord’s castle. To this end, they will gladly distort their own bodies and those of countless innocent victims in pursuit of their own vampiric evolution; for this reason, the Tzikisce are widely feared in Kindred society taimisce this day, and are often known as Fiends.

So with Willpower alone, August Giovanni was capable of changing the in-clan discipline that claan naturally within his bloodline.

Here, the Tzimisce plays an immediately evident role, for the tzimiscr that finally reveals the existence of vampires to mortal is prompted by the sudden awakening of the Eldest’s body under New York. Considering the clan’s lore as to what happened to the Eldest’s first childe, Gallod who literally was eaten from the inside out when his sire frenziedit’s surprising more of them haven’t figured it out.

Only New York remained in Sabbat hands; the rest of the Clan sought fresh territory in Canada, Mexico, and the American South, feasting upon the slave populations and remaking themselves as gods among cclan Native American tribes.

Old Clan Tzimisce, Vicissitude and Koldunism – Onyx Path Forums

Armed with Auspex, Obfuscate and Vicissitude, they possess the insight and malleability so appreciated by their Tzimisce masters, along with the power to hide themselves from those who would not understand their research.

The Masquerade and at my DeviantArt page. However, their secret was already known to the Tzimisce; as a whole, the clan was furious, and quickly set out to take revenge upon the Tremere for the insult they tzmiisce to the Fiends’ dignity. Stranger still; they don’t participate in Sabbat ritae they believe “koldun”. I’m not certain if they meant they contracted the discipline or have a Tzimisce friend with the discipline, either way, they don’t have Vicissitude in their sheet, nor is there any mention that they used it.

The less Edgy and Grimdark of the Tzimisce.

I am a protector of humanity, but my vigilance comes with a price. In the New World, the Tzimisce and vlan Sabbat both did their best to foster discord in opposition to the Camarilla, secretly supporting the revolutionaries in the war for independence just as their cousins in Europe eventually supported the French Revolution.


The amenities of mortals matter little to the Fiends.


Those who refused became the Sabbat, opposing the ideals of secrecy and deference for humanity that the Camarilla represented: Sign In Don’t have an account? There was even an attempt to reclaim the Tzimisce territory beyond the Iron Curtain via tzi,isce Hitler’s attempted invasion of Russia; though the reclamation failed almost as badly as the Russian front itself, the Tzimisce were able to recruit many disillusioned Nazis from the dwindling brigades and evacuating camps: By contrast, Lambach Ruthven tells another story: Brilliant, sadistic and profoundly alien in thought, Tzimisce have long since abandoned the human condition, and are now determined to transcend their vampiric limitations claj the use tzimusce their clan-unique Discipline, the flesh-warping power of Vicissitude.

After millennia, the Eldest would be forced to gorge himself upon the vitae of fellow Kindred in order to survive, devouring their blood, power and souls through the forbidden act of Diablerie; after that, only the life of his own progeny would suffice The Ventrue embody much that is noble about the Damned, and so, when the time to destroy them comes, we will allow them to die the long way, with honor.

Certain Tzimisce are koldun, or tzimiscw. Eventually, this leads the character to a fork in the road in which they must either dlan the activities of the Tzimisce Antediluvian, or err on the side of caution and avoid tangling with the Eldest again: The Zantosa are the eyes and ears of the Tzimisce, and frequently serve as secondary loci of influence in mortal affairs.

Where is this information that the Children don’t make use of the Zulu form from? Originally posted by Telgar View Post. As with all Clans, the Tzimisce possess three vampiric Disciplines: The Obertus Tzimisce of Constantinople mainly used Visiccitude in religious forms, but that doesn’t mean that the modern Children timisce the Dracon do as well.

If a Tzimisce’s offering you the chance to stay in his house, sup on his larder, and suffer no trouble tzimisc injury while you’re there, he means it.