Chrononauts Official Rules. Table of Contents. Executive Summary Getting Started Immediately: Starting Playing Winning; Detailed Overview Three Ways to . In Chrononauts, each player becomes a time traveler, with a unique identity and a secret mission. During the game, players travel backwards and forwards. Chrononauts» Forums» Rules. Subject: Memo card question · rss · New Thread · Printer Friendly; Subscribe sub options; Bookmark; Thread.

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Chrononauts: A brief review | Chrononauts | BoardGameGeek

Whatever the differences were, you grew up in an alternate reality, and your first goal is to return to that reality. Let’s take a look at a specific example.

Whoever came closest to being correct goes first. When a New Mission or Your Parents Never Met card requires you to replace one of your two goal cards, place the old one underneath the appropriate stack and replace it with the top card in that pile. Begin your turn by drawing one card from the draw pile. That’s a good question. You should not reveal your ID to anyone until the game ends unless you are required to because Your Parents Never Met.

Out of the Box. Paradoxes Block Your Way Home: Assuming that you have the TimeLine properly arranged on the table, take a look at”Kennedy Assassinated”. Retrieved March 19, To win, you must get all eight of your characters home before you run out of cards. The numerous tragedies are included because these are the sorts of events that people who dream of time travel fantasize about undoing. What follows are the rules for the whole game.


Do the same with the ID cards, then set these two small decks off to one side. Maybe you’re from a world in which the Russians got to the moon in instead of the Americans. It must be understood that Paradoxes are bad.

Time Travel First-Timers may want to start off with a few rounds of Artifaxx before advancing to the complete game. The Memo cannot be used to cancel an ID or Mission card.

Retrieved from ” https: Choose one of the Linchpins this card will allow you to change and flip that card over. As you’ve probably already noticed, there’s a fair amount of maintenance work involved in keeping the TimeLine up to date. Solonauts is a solitaire game in which the challenge is to get eight Chrononauts home on a single pass through the deck. Lastly, look at How was it different?

To lock in the goal and win, the player must go back in time and stop Doc Brown from inventing time travel. Back to the Future got curononauts positive review from Jonathan H.

Don’t just say “I’m flipping “; try to describe what you’re doing and why it causes the changes that it does. An insect squished by a chrononaut in prehistoric times might, for example, result in surprising changes to the language and politics of the present.


The game was designed by Andrew Looney of Looney Labs in This game presents a combined version of these ideas. When you play one, you just set it out on the table in front of you, for others to see, perhaps bragging a bit about how you managed to acquire it.


The Space Race started with Sputnik and was driven by America’s desire to fulfill the dream of their fallen president, by landing a man on the moon before None of these cards may be harvested with the Rewind or the Quick Trip. Beta playtesting by everyone who bought the Beta Edition and provided us with their feedback Thanks all! Linchpins and Ripple Points. Someday, when I have more time, I’ll put up a web page that fills in some dhrononauts these gaps and explains more fully my logic xhrononauts the rulrs of the TimeLine.

Patches can only be rulse onto their corresponding spaces on the TimeLine as indicated by the card’s year and Time Indexand then only when the Ripplepoint at that place in Time has been turned to the Paradox side.

This means they won’t necessarily fit, and may be nullified without the accompanying closure of the Paradox.

Players take turns drawing one and playing one until someone achieves their secret Mission.