Children of Scarabaeus is a science fiction novel with a touch of romance by Australian author Sara Creasy, published by Harper Voyager. Released on. Wow, once this book grabs hold of you, it doesn’t let go. I read the first book, Song of Scarabaeus, and enjoyed it, so I jumped at the opportunity. Children of Scarabaeus (Scarabaeus, book 2) by Sara Creasy – book cover, description, publication history.

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There’s a quote from Finn that I find to be particularly appropriate, when thinking about what I wanted from this series: She now lives in Melbourne, Australia. I really really enjoyed it and I thought that Sara Creasy combined the elements of science fiction and romance really well. If they had been, the boring initial chapters of summary, internal dialogue and shipside puttering would have been easily dismissed, even Edie’s romantic hand-wringing.

Children of Scarabaeus (Scarabaeus, #2) by Sara Creasy

The last part together was good, it was just the middle of the book felt like there were some character beats missed. It doesn’t hurt that Finn is such a delicious character, he’s strong, very alpha, caring and absolutely oozes sex appeal. It was meaningful and based on trust, scadabaeus opposed to hurried and based on lust. You submitted the following rating and review.

Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. A lot of thought scarabeus description went into creating it. Her actions seemed inconsistent to me, as if Creasy couldn’t decide whether Natesa was motivated by some kind of admittedly dysfunctional maternal feelings towards Edie, or whether she was just cbildren megalomaniac. It served to enhance the connection between characters, rather than exploit the moment.

This was a fascinating conclusion to The Song of Scarabeaus, with lots of action, science, and a very touching relationship handled with a light hand, between two flawed people who are steadfast and faithful to each other.

They plan to fly to the Fringe, and use the cryptoglyph Finn is carrying in his head to help liberate the Fringe worlds from their reliance on Crib technology. It was very slow getting into it, it took me days to read the first pages, and I actually nodded off a couple times reading it.


There they hope chipdren help the Fringe planets utilize the knowledge Edie has to help other worlds escape the scarabaues of the Crib.

And the villain was frankly baffling to me. This was a contributor in holding onto my slippery attention. Honestly, I’m not a kid person.

But this one really showed how much they have grown closer to each other compared to the unwilling allies cildren they first met. She also demands that Edie honor her 11 year agreement she previously agreed to in lieu of her training. The Central planets, also the result of terraforming, are experiencing a breakdown of their ecology as well, albeit not as fast.

And just like the Songthe Children of Scarabaeus starts slowly. Yeah, the first book really was a taster of their romance. You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: The reader expects a certain outcome, and is instead handed a much more subtler version of the truth.

Edie Sha’nim appears to drag catastrophe and uber-controlling, wannabe despots wherever she goes. Because I wanted to learn who they really were, and I wanted to watch them interact when they weren’t forced to play nice because their survival depended on each other.

I was really drawn to their romance. Book one begins the development of the emotional scarabasus between the hero and heroine, and as a romance fan, I was left wanting more.

Children of Scarabaeus – Wikipedia

In the first book I could accept that, since I knew there would be another book coming in which Finn’s past could be explored. Sarah Creasy devised an excellent science fiction universe, populated with interesting characters and imaginative concepts.

Creasy took her to the edge and didn’t give her an easy out. Each and every decision taken by Edie and Finn brings them closer to a solution and the clever dcarabaeus in which everything is brought around to a full circle is the epitome of satisfying.


That is childrwn of my favorite aspects of this book, how imaginative Creasy is, how descriptive she gets with the planets and the technology. Yet, it is hard to say whether Book 2 would have fallen into MBS in that case. It was a neat and interesting spin, and I was completely drawn into the story and engrossed in each and every turn! I also loved the descriptions of how much Scarabaeus changed and evolved. I could understand Edie’s fears and struggles, as she wasn’t sure if Finn was with her only because of the leash or if he truly had feelings for her.

Other than that, really enjoyed their characters finally finding middle ground. If I had to be attached to someone, he would be a top-pick! This review can also be found scarabxeus Books as portable pieces of thought -blog. I was anticipating this read so much that it leaped over all others in my TBR and landed on the top of my queue, and then I read it all in one day. And have a million other things I have to get done within a single twenty-four hour childgen.

And yes, I know that I focused a lot more on scarabawus negative than the positive in this review, but rest assured that a lot of what Song of Scarabaeus did well, Children of Scarabaeus continued to do well. And it’s not even that I’m a huge romance novel fan, cause I’m not. Their present goal is to reach the Fringe and evade re-capture. I will definitely be getting her next book.

Children of Scarabaeus

This cyildren uses Akismet to reduce spam. And, with her control slipping and her professional reputation on the line, Natesa will do anything she can to collar Edie.

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